Scribe singing in the rain


Phoenix Members Golf Society

What a strange day Tuesday, Nov. 6 was.  We assembled on the first tee at Phoenix with a fine looking day ahead of us.  Distant clouds and rumbles of thunder looked as if they would not bother us at all.  Think again Macduff!

We had managed to complete about half the course when the storm clouds descended on us.  Never mind, we know from experience that these storms last about an hour at the most.  This turned out to be true, but by this time about half of our group had given up and gone home.

Tuesday’s winners pose for a photo with the staff at The Relax Bar. Tuesday’s winners pose for a photo with the staff at The Relax Bar.

When the storm abated the rest of the day turned out fine.  The other amazing thing is that at the end of the storm any other course would have been closed.  There were rivers running all over the place.  The greens at one time were like large lakes.  Within 10 to 15 minutes however most of the surface water had disappeared and apart from a few isolated places the fairways were completely playable.  The drainage at Phoenix must be one of, if not the best in the area.

One nice sight was seeing the water hazard brook on Mountain #1 hole running a torrent of water.  Good to wash all the debris away.

So, on we plodded and at the end of the day and back at the Relax Bar only a few of our group were around to receive prizes.

The winner today was your correspondent with 35 points, just edging Mukesh Thakker into second place (on count back).  In third place with 32 points was Joris Goetschalkx and because we had some money left over Richard Baldwin was awarded fourth place with 30 points.

Near pins went to: Mike Gerrard and Jim Neilson with the other two going into the lucky draw.  With The Relax Bar giving us two of the lucky draw prizes adding what was left meant that everyone received a luck draw prize as well.

It was nice to see Richard Baldwin back with us after a nasty bout of pneumonia.  Seems a strange time of the year with many people suffering some form of illness or other.  Get well soon guys.

Having Richard back meant also that he donated the main sponsor prize this week from Ann’s Salon.  I will be going in soon for a nice makeover!

Next week we play for the KPK Food Services prize donated by our good friend Keith Keohane.

Now we are into the high season guests green fees are 1,000 baht for non-Phoenix members as a guest of the members, (Monday to Friday only).  However, we limit our society to 6 groups maximum and minimum 28 handicap, and for men only.

For more information regarding golf and sea fishing call me (Mike) on 087 091 7565.