Roar Berger the king


IPGC golf from The Haven

Monday, Nov. 29, Crystal Bay B & C – Stableford

CSS 72

1st Rodney Nabbe (12) 39pts

2nd Peter Skinner (11) 37pts

3rd Barry Wellings (5) 36pts

4th Russell Exley (6) 35pts

5th Shuichi Kodaka (18) 34pts

6th Kaneo Watanabe (18) 34pts

Since last playing the course there have been some basic improvements to the conditions with the fairways having been cut and the surrounds of the greens tidied up, making it an altogether much better experience than the last time out.

Roar Berger. Roar Berger.

The scoring on the day confirmed the course was a lot more playable although the CSS remained at 72 with around a third of the field making the standard of within two of their handicap or better.

Rodney Nabbe carried on from the previous outing, when he was part of the successful scramble winning team, with a three under handicap round to deny Peter Skinner a much desired win by two clear shots as he finished well with four pars and a birdie.

Barry Wellings at last got into the top three with a level par round that was just enough to take the bragging rights off of his playing partner Russell Exley in fourth.

Shuichi Kodaka won a count-back over Kaneo Watanabe with a better 19 to 18 over the inward half to get the first honourable mention.

There were no 2’s in the second division but Jens Gunnarsson and Barry Wellings shared the first division pot, including the roll over.

Before presenting the Prizes The Doc welcomed back Sam McLellan and Stave Bickle.

Friday, Dec. 3, The Emerald – Stableford

CSS 71

1st Roar Berger (28) 43pts

2nd Peter Skinner (11) 39pts

3rd Rodney Nabbe (12) 38pts

4th Yasuo Suzuki (10) 38pts

5th Kevin Townsend (11) 37pts

6th Roy Thornton (13) 36pts

No matter what the season, the Emerald always seems to be in pretty good condition except in really heavy rain, which fortunately now seems far behind us.

Rodney Nabbe.Rodney Nabbe.

Roar Berger put together a very special round, in fact his best round ever, as he went round in 93 gross to record only his second under a hundred round in over three months and 40 rounds, and there rightly was a very long and loud round of applause at the prize giving in recognition of that.

It was also the reason for Peter Skinner once again having to be the bridesmaid (but looking as beautiful as ever in the process) as even a great three under round was insufficient in the face of Roar’s effort and he had to be satisfied with yet another second place.

Rodney Nabbe was still running on high as he returned another subpar round, two under this time, to take third place after winning a count-back over Yasuo Suzuki by 19 to 18.

Kevin Townsend got his first mention during this visit, taking fifth spot one ahead of Roy Thornton who was on level par.

Declan Lyne slipped in the only ‘2’ in the second division whilst Kevin Townsend with one and Rodney Nabbe with two shared the first division.

Back at The Haven Andy Pedlar, Richard Lyne Trevor Edge, Gaute Moen and Mark Armstrong were welcomed back after Declan Lyne had been welcomed as a new member.  There was also a farewell to Peter Skinner for a couple of months.

Note: If you would like to play with The Haven group you can contact mobile 084782 4582 or call in to the hotel at 185 Soi 13 between Beach Road and 2nd Road.  All transportation to the course is arranged and you do not need to sign up prior to the day, but you should be there by 8.30 on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays on the days you wish to play.  A schedule of courses to be played can be found on our web site at