Richards & Rought rise to the top


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Sept. 3, Phoenix – Stableford

The Ocean course has now been re-opened after eight weeks of renovations and we were allocated this nine plus the Lakes.  Six four-balls went out with the cut at 7-16 in division 1 and 17+ in division 2.

Playing off 10 now, the Swansea boy David Richards won division 1 with 41 points, well done Dave.  Lindsay Phillips came in second with 34 points and Grenville Hill beat Chris Voller on an 18/17 back nine count back for third after they both returned 33 points each.

Bryan Rought (with no wind-ups in this report) topped division 2 with 38 points, Sid Ottaway was second with 35 and Marty Aronson beat Tony Holehouse on another 18/17 back nine count back after they both came in with scores of 33.

Near pins went to Grenville Hill (2), Dave Richards, Harry Vincenzi, Mark Armstrong, Tony Duthie and Tony Holehouse.

In the ‘2’s comp, Dave Richards birdied the 7th on the Lakes nine and in division 2 there was a rollover to Green Valley on the 10th.

Friday, Sept. 7,

Eastern Star – 1-2-3 Stableford

There were 11 groups out today in a 1-2-3 rollover extravaganza with many prizes to be won individually and also for the teams.

After a day of rain here in Jomtien we were not sure what to expect when we arrived at the course and on the way to Baan Chang the skies were threatening over the coast and we were uncertain if we would get a game in at all today.  After changing and walking down to the first tee the skies improved slightly but a strong wind, the fiercest we have ever encountered here, was blowing in off the coast and into our faces on the first tee.

Our caddies informed us that there had been heavy rain here the day before but after two holes the first group did not think ‘pick, clean and place’ needed to be implemented so it was a normal round.

The cut today was 6-13 in division 1, 14 -18 in division 2 and 19 plus in division 3 and it was a tough round for all the players.  The best score of the day came in from Sid Ottaway, playing off 23, who won division 3 with 36 points.  Joe Kubon took second place with 35 and Tony Holehouse was in third just a further point behind.

Mike Missler topped division 1 with 34 points after beating Jeff Codeiro on a 20/16 back nine count back and then Jeff beat Chris Voller on a 5/3 back three count back for the runner-up spot.

Another 34 was the winning score in division 2, this time for Paul Butler who finished one point up on Darryl Blair in second while Harry Vincenzi took third by beating Karl Flood 4/3 on the back three holes after they both came in with 31 points.

Near pins (tee shots) went to Jeff Codeiro, Curtis Hessler, Wilf Latham, Chris Voller and Darryl Blair, the near pins in 2 shots were picked up by Jeff Codeiro, Kari Kuparinen, Tom Novak and Andy Baber, and the near pins in three shots went to Jon Lay, Karl Flood, Darryl Blair and again Andy Baber.

Straight drive awards were claimed by Curtis Hessler and Tony Holehouse while the longest drives were those posted on the 18th hole by Jon Lay and Don Head.

In the team 1-2-3 Stableford competition, 75 points was the winning score for Paul Butler, Curtiss Hessler and Tony Holehouse, in second place came John Batty, Jon Lay and Marty Rock with 73, and taking third place with 72 were Rod Howett, Mike Missler and Lindsay Phillips.

No names mentioned of course for the lowest score of the day which was 56.

We were lucky with the weather today and a good day was enjoyed by all.