Winfield in sparkling for at Crystal Bay


PSC golf from Cafe Kronborg

Monday, Sept. 3, Bangpra – Stableford

It was off to the lovely Bangpra international golf club today where we arrived 43 minutes later, checked in, and were off the empty first tee under partly cloudy skies with a nice breeze and no one in front for the entire round.  The course remains one of the best in the area and was like touring a botanical garden and a zoo with abundant monkeys and a couple of good size monitor lizards sighted.

Back in the clubhouse after a quick round of 4 hours and 20 minutes it was welcomes to ‘San Miguel’ Stu Rifkin who was on safari all day, Dave Neal from the UK and his girlfriend Tientong, Ron Grafton and John Coombs from Perth WA.

Monday’s top three (L-R): Dave Neil, Dave Richardson and Mike Winfield. Monday’s top three (L-R): Dave Neil, Dave Richardson and Mike Winfield.

Dave Richardson was the winner today with 34 points, Mike Winfield came second on 31 and Dave Neal needed a count back to edge Ron Grafton for third after both returned 30 points

1st Dave Richardson (26) 34pts

2nd Mike Winfield (22) 31pts

3rd Dave Neal (22) 30pts

4th Ron Grafton (13) 30pts

Thursday, Sept. 6, Crystal Bay – Stableford

Today it was Crystal Bay A & C loops and after checking in it was off to the first tee (C1) 36 minutes early under sunny skies and a with a good breeze.  The course was very tidy but still not as pristine as in the distant past.

We had a quick round of 3 hours and 50 minutes (3-ball) and back in the clubhouse welcomes went to Martin Todd, and John Pierrel, with a goodbye to Hugh O’Donnell going back to Spain and California.

Mike Winfield was the winner today with 40 points, while Tientong Charoerung took second on a count back from Ron Grafton in third, both on 38 points, and Takeshi Hakozaki was fourth with 36.

1st Mike Winfield (22) 40pts

2nd Tientong Charoenrung (20) 38pts

3rd Ron Grafton (13) 38pts

4th Takeshi Hakozaki (11) 36pts

Note:  If you are looking for a game of golf with Café Kronborg, call Dave at 083 602 2117 or email at david2309