Phoenix Pattaya bares its teeth


PSC golf from Billabong
Monday, 15th March
Phoenix Gold Mountain and Ocean

Phoenix bared its teeth on Monday, as Billabong played Mountain and Ocean in beautiful weather with a nice breeze and on a course that was in great condition. The greens staff are setting up for a professional tournament starting 25th of this month, so the rough is going to get a bit tougher and the greens a little faster. Next Monday should be a real challenge, although looking at the scores today you would think it was ready.

With just three groups playing we got away right on time and were back at the resort in under four hours without hurrying. We just flowed along. Mind you, that is a bit of a record.

There was a countback for 1st and 2nd between Barry Lewis and Glyn Davies, both scoring 34 points. Barry had one point more on the back nine to take top spot and place Glyn second.

Gerard Lambert took 3rd spot with 28 points, also a record. I don’t think I have ever seen prizes in the 20s before. There were no twos recorded.