Peter Lacey wins a low scoring day

Winner Peter Lacey. Don’t be alarmed, Moon is standing by with the next games for the board.

Pattaya Sports Club Links Golf Society
Tuesday, Jan. 5

As various Covid-19 restrictions were put in place, and many not sure what was in or out, it came as a surprise that no-one called to ask if golf was still on. There’s confidence for you.

Golf is allowed and we had 14 golfers ready to head off to Bangpra Golf Club on this Tuesday under cloudy skies, but with a mild and comfortable temperature.

We had ten people needing to travel by mini-bus. Our buses can fit ten pax easily, but not allowing for social distancing so, not taking any chances, we ordered a second bus and carried five in each, which made players feel comfortable about distancing.

Upon arrival at the course, the usual Covid check-in was done and green fees paid, it was down to the mustering area to find our caddy.

At our last visit here, there were plenty of customers, but not so this morning, so we were asked to play when ready. Just a note: My caddie stated that the day before was very, very busy, so we were lucky to have a quiet day.

The course is still in very good condition but noticeably drying out on most fairways, and the dams are down to mud, but the greens are spotless. They are running truly and with good pace, as we have come to expect at Bangpra. The usual warning of quick downhills is relevant.

This course is a challenge and not known for high Stableford scores. Nothing changed Tuesday.

Peter Lacey had the top score of the day with 34 points. He was a happy man as this was his first win for some time, and he reckoned he was due.

Three players had a score of 32 points and, of course, needed to be separated by countback.

Paul Smith, freshly back from the UK and quarantine, had one point more for the last six to grab second place from Bill Copeland, who had some so near, yet so far, putts during his round.

The fourth spot on the podium was Walter Baechli, also with 32 points.

Winners at Bangpra

1st Place – Peter Lacey (13) – 34 pts
2nd Place – Paul Smith (3) – 32 pts c/back
3rd Place – Bill Copeland (11) – 32 pts c/back
4th Place – Walter Baechli (20) – 32 pts
Best Front Nine (non winners) – Dave Arataki – 19 pts
Best Back Nine (non winners) – Thierry Petrement – 15 pts c/back

Mike Ehlert returned from the USA, did his quarantine, and is now back with us and playing golf. Welcome Back, Mike.

Golf courses in Chonburi Province are open but the restrictions we had earlier in the year have returned, with no locker rooms, no showers, and no use of the clubhouse. But we can live with that as long as we can play golf. And our bus driver might want to tighten his mask against the smelly golfers.

A four ball was ahead of us and all walking. At the ninth fairway, one of their number asked us to play through. Excellent golf etiquette gentlemen, and thank you.