Pattaya’s women golfers prove they are made of sterner stuff at Green Valley


PSC Billabong Golf

Wednesday, June 17 Rayong Green Valley

With rain teeming down at the bar, what started out as three groups of men turned into 11 players, but the ladies are made of sterner stuff than that and 16 turned up to play under very wet conditions at Rayong Green Valley. Now as you know, these girls usually cut this course up and even in the conditions they played under today was no different with 69 nett from Miss Sasicha only managing to get 3rd place. 2nd place went to Miss May with 69 nett and 1st place went to Miss Prae with a net 65. Now that is one hell of a score with no run on the ball at all. A great round young lady.

There were two 2s coming from Miss May and Miss Thip.

Now to the men’s round. As stated before, there was only 11 intrepid golfers who played under the same conditions as the ladies but the scores were not so impressive. A count back was needed for the minor placing’s between Eddy Beilby and Peter Thomas, both scoring 37 points with Peter having the better back nine taking 3rd spot.

Another count back ensued between Keith Allen and Dan Margetts with Keith being relegated to 2nd spot and Dan taking the win.

There was one two coming from Eddy Beilby.