Pattaya Sports Club Mabprachan Golf Society Weekly Report

Maurice Paradis, Bob Edwards and Allan Cassin winners at Bangpra Golf Course and Plutaluang Golf Course.

Tuesday 10th January 2023
Bangpra Golf Course
1st Bob Edwards (12) – 40 points
2nd Maurice Paradis (23) – 39 points

Bangpra on a sunny Tuesday loaded with many players and too many 6-balls. Any way we could start a little bit later than our booking time. It became a long day, because the course was loaded. And the monkeys were also there, the nick name as “monkey course” is true.

The course was in good condition, but not easy. Bob Edwards and Maurice Paradis were in good form and kept each other in balance until the last hole. On that moment the nerves knocked Maurice down and Bob won with 40 stable ford points. Maurice was second with 39 points.

The near pins were for Bob Edwards, Allan Cassin and Neil Harvey.

Thursday, 12th January 2023
Plutaluang Golf Course
1st Allan Cassin (15) 35 points
2nd Bob Edwards (11) 31 points

It was an overcast day, good weather for playing golf. We played the East and South loop at Plutaluang. It is quite a long course from the whites. The course was in good condition and we had a good day out.

The results not on the same level as Tuesday, but still good enough. Allan Cassin won today with 35 stable ford points. Bob Edwards was runner up with 31 stable ford points.
No near pins today.