Pattaya Sports Club: Mabprachan Golf Society at Pattana & Eastern Star

John Pegrum and Ty Anderson celebrate their victories at Eastern Star Golf Course.

Tuesday, September 20th
Pattana A & C Golf Course

1st Allan Cassin (12) – 39 points
2nd Jonathan Pratt (8) – 36 points

On Tuesday we were back at Pattana which has been in good shape recently, although today it was very sodden on the fairways and, what with the heavy air reducing everyone’s driving distance, it made for a very long course. “A” course has been closed in recent months so it was nice to see it open again, although the greens on that nine had just been sanded making putting a bit of a lottery.

With the adverse conditions, scoring was difficult for many players so it was no surprise the leaders would be two of the lower handicappers. Allan Cassin’s form has been rather off recently with his handicap creeping up a shot or two, so it was good to see him regain some of his consistency. In the end he pulled ahead to win easily with 39 points over Jonathan Pratt on 36 points.

For the near pins the first to Jonathan Pratt and, inevitably with such a fine round, the remaining three to Allan Cassin.

Thursday, September 22th
Eastern Star Golf Course

1st Ty Anderson (12) – 32 points
2nd John Pegrum (20) – 31 points

Eastern Star has possibly the best drainage in the area and, despite very heavy rain throughout the night the fairways were pretty dry and the greens in good condition.  This didn’t prevent some controversy, though, over a lost ball in a flooded bunker. Fortunately the issue was finally resolved without bloodshed.

The rain hovered round the course all day, and we were lucky to escape with just a few drops. However, the damp air made more than one player wonder if their golf balls had been sabotaged, as they came up 10’s of yards shorter than normal.

Eastern Star is one of the longest courses we play and in these conditions is no push over, so all the leading scores were in the low thirties. John Pegrum who’s immaculate short game finally came good as he broke through to the winners circle for the first time with 31 points. But just edging him from the top spot with 32 points was Ty Anderson celebrating his recent elevation to Golf Chairman of the Pattaya Sports Club with a fine win.

Near pin for the 14th went to Paul Davis – a fine achievement as it’s a difficult shot over water for a silver tee player, and the last to Neil Harvey with a fine shot right on line with the flag.