Pattaya Sports Club expresses heartfelt gratitude to loyal staff

The Executive Committee poses with the staff on the happy occasion. (l-r) David Smith, Glyn Davies, Bernie Tuppin, Pres. Stan Rees, Prueksa ‘Fang’ Lakhan, Geoff Couch, Pajaree ‘Candy’ Srichat, Dick Braimbridge, Peter Malhotra and Tim Knight.

At a small gathering in the Pattaya Sports Club premises recently, President Stan Rees together with the Executive Committee thanked the PSC staff for their dedicated and loyal service to the Pattaya Sports Club Association throughout the years. They also took the opportunity to wish them a Happy New Year by presenting the girls with a basket of fresh fruits. The gift was thankfully received by Prueksa ‘Fang’ Lakhan and Pajaree ‘Candy’ Srichat.