Harvey and Gordon triumph: Double Victory at 2 Golf Courses

Neil Harvey and Max Gordon conquer Pattaya Country Club and Plutaluang with back-to-back victories.

A Day of Golf at Pattaya Country Club
Tuesday 26 September 2023
1st Max Gordon Vroom (18) – 42 points
2nd Neil Harvey (21) – 41 points

Last Tuesday, our golfing escapade took us to the picturesque Pattaya Country Club. Despite the ominous clouds hanging in the sky, the rain held off, providing a favourable backdrop for our day on the greens. However, an unexpected challenge presented itself—no carts were available on the fairways, causing a minor hiccup for some of our fellow golf enthusiasts.

Fortunately, the weather was pleasant, with a refreshing breeze and temperatures that didn’t soar to uncomfortable heights. Surprisingly, the course, despite recent rain, was in excellent condition. This was evident in the results of our play, as we encountered no hindrances to our golfing pleasure. One of the highlights of the day was the thrilling moment when a golf ball found its way onto the fairway next to a small snake. The unexpected encounter added an extra layer of excitement for both players and caddies alike.

When it came to outstanding performances, Max Vroom and Neil stole the spotlight. Max, in particular, showcased a stellar performance with an impressive 27 stable ford points on the back nine. Ultimately, he emerged victorious with a total of 42 points, while Neil secured the runner-up position with a commendable 41 points. Adding an extra layer of competition, the near pins were claimed by Dave Lea, Sam Jeffery, and the triumphant Max Vroom.

Our day at Pattaya Country Club was not just about golf; it was a blend of challenges, camaraderie, and unexpected wildlife encounters—a golfing adventure that will be remembered by all who participated.

A golfing challenge at Plutaluang’s North and West Loop
Thursday 28 September 2023
1st Max Gordon Vroom (18) – 35 points
2nd Neil Harvey (21) – 32 points

Thursday brought us to the challenging greens of Plutaluang, where the North and West loops awaited our golfing prowess. The weather, reminiscent of Tuesday’s escapade, greeted us with overcast skies and a brisk breeze. Despite the threatening weather, our spirits were high as we prepared to tackle the course. The condition of the course was reasonable, with a few wet spots dotting the fairways, but nothing too challenging for our determined golfers. The greens, however, proved to be a shining point, offering a smooth and consistent surface for our putts.

As we navigated the course, the watchful eyes of the monkeys observed our every swing, adding an extra layer of intrigue to our golfing adventure. Undeterred, we faced the challenges head-on, doing our best to conquer the course under the curious gaze of our primate spectators. Once again, the competition heated up between familiar rivals, Max Vroom and Neil Harvey. Max, showcasing remarkable consistency, emerged as the day’s champion with an impressive 35 stableford points. Neil secured the second spot with a commendable 32 stableford points, making it another closely contested battle.

Highlighting the camaraderie and competitive spirit, the near pins were claimed by Max Vroom, Paul Davies, and Mark Bromwich, adding an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling day on the golf course. Plutaluang presented a different set of challenges compared to Tuesday, testing our skills and determination. Each swing, putt, and encounter with the watchful monkeys contributed to another memorable chapter in our golfing journey.