Pattaya mayor cheers on local youth in 3×3 basketball showdown

Mayor Poramet autographs a basketball, much to the delight of the kids at the Lan Pho Public Park.

Pattaya, Thailand – Mayor Poramet Ngampichet, along with city officials, came together to show their support for the vibrant youth of Pattaya at the Lan Pho Public Park in Naklua where they recently watched a spirited game of 3×3 basketball, a popular variant of street basketball.

3×3 basketball, often referred to as “Street Basketball,” is a variation of the traditional sport. Played with a single hoop and teams consisting of three players each, it’s celebrated for its fast-paced and dynamic nature. Beyond providing an enjoyable sporting experience, this game fosters mental agility, strategic thinking, physical fitness, and teamwork.

Mayor Poramet and the city’s officials were visibly enthusiastic as they watched the talented Pattaya youth display their basketball prowess on the court. The mayor said, “The sport not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also encourages social interaction and a sense of community among the participants. The serene surroundings of Lan Pho Public Park provide the perfect backdrop for this community-oriented event, highlighting the beauty of sports, unity, and the spirit of Pattaya.”

The mayor and city officials came together to support the vibrant youth of Pattaya, highlighting the beauty of sports, unity, and the spirit of Pattaya.