Parish prevails at Pattana


PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, Nov. 17, Pattana – Stableford

There is no doubt in my mind that the clubhouse at Pattana is the best on the Eastern Seaboard.  There is no doubt also that it contains one with the costliest restaurants also with a bottle of Singha costing 100 baht ++.  The question as to why I needed a cold drink so badly is that it had been a really hot day, and when you throw in the fact that no carts were allowed off the fairways it meant a lot of extra walking and water did not seem enough.

We had a large group today and arriving at the course we were pleased to find a speed up in the check-in and soon we were onto the C Nine as we were playing C & A in that order.

Brian Parish (right) and Barry Elphick (left) with the boss.

The course was very soggy, but the greens were in fine condition so putting was a pleasure, unless you missed.  Let me say that this is a fine enjoyable course and with the bonus of very pleasant staff and quite excellent facilities it’s a pleasure to visit.  However do not buy a Singha!

Back in Pattaya it was soon into the results it was seen that there was a massive difference between the A Flight (0-20) and the B Flight, and it seems on a very wet course a good golfer plays better than a not so good one.

In the A Flight the winner was Brian Parish with 37 points and then a count back on 36 points saw Maurice Roberts in second and John Davis taking third.

The B Flight did not play nearly as well, but as they say you only have to play well enough to win.  The winner with 31 points was Barry Elphick, one ahead of Mick Coghlan in second while Don Carmody took third with 29 points.

Near Pins: Bill McGarvie, Maurice Roberts, Brian Parish, John Davis.

Long Putts: AVD, Maurice Roberts.

Friday, Nov. 20, Pattavia – Stableford

On Friday the Tropical golfers headed out to Pattavia and with no chance of rain in the forecast it was a good day to enjoy well watered fairways without getting watered ourselves.  The drive to Pattavia is one of the longer ones, but the trip was surprisingly smooth.  Some new shortcuts helped.

Pattavia is one of those courses who got it right: Overall in excellent condition with well maintained fairways and greens, and at 1050 baht to walk it is great value.  Other courses who want to charge significantly more for less would do well to visit here.

Maurice Roberts (left) and John Davis (right) with Mon.

The putting greens are among the most difficult in the area, fast and highly sloped and a real test of skill.  Speaking of skill, a few golfers really showed theirs this day.

When the counting was done, PSC Golf Chairman Maurice Roberts (H/cap 14) bested the field with room to spare with 39 points.  Maurice did so well this day he brought his business manager along.  Next in line frequent winner John Davis (14) did well with 36 points, edging out Ted Morris (15) on count back, and poor Brian Gabe (18) was left in the dust.

Near Pins:  Landis Brooks (2), Ted Morris (2).

Long Putts:  Maurice Roberts