Navy sinks the Bunker Boys


PSC Golf Bunker Boys at The Ranch

Monday, Nov. 16, Plutaluang (N & W) – Stableford

Today had to be one of the all-around worst outings ever for that friendly group of golfers known as the Bunker Boys.  It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to substitute hackers for golfers as out of thirty-one players not a single member played to his handicap: and the average stableford score was an incredibly low 25!  In fact, it was a struggle the entire week to keep our heads above water: 25 stableford average at Navy, 29 at Royal Lakeside, and 30 at Mountain Shadow.  Fifty-four holes of golf; eighty-seven players; an average stableford score of a mere 28.  Go figure!

A myriad of issues were referred to: the downpour at Navy, the hot, sweaty conditions at Royal Lakeside, the slow greens at Mountain Shadow.  I, for one, have decided to spend less time at the bar and more time on the range.

Geoff Cox.Geoff Cox.

The course was in really good nick (for Navy) and was there for the taking.  For the most part, the fairways were discernible, and the greens were much quicker than usual.  Forget the bunkers – they haven’t been sanded or raked in years.  The ‘hand-wedge’ is your best play out of a Navy bunker!

A Flight

1st Alan Harris (8) 35pts

2nd Tony Robbins (16) 32pts

3rd Tony Scambler (13) 30pts

B Flight

1st Mike Corner (21) 33pts

2nd Les Hall (23) 29pts

3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 29pts

Near Pins: Mark Bainbridge, Tony Robbins, Colin Greig, Geoff Cox

Wednesday, Nov. 18, Royal Lakeside – Stableford

Many of us are thinking about moving up north so we can play this lovely course on a daily basis.  All we need are some of those balls that float on water and we’ll have it made.

It was a long, but smooth drive up the motorway and a beautiful day for golf; well, it was way too hot and humid and there wasn’t a breeze anywhere.

The course was playing tough or, rather, we were playing poorly and only two out of twenty-three players managed to equal or better their handicaps.

Stuart Tinkler was the man of the day, coming home with thirty-seven points just a nose in front of Keith Norman at thirty-six.  Stuart’s win put him in a tie with Tony Scambler for Golfer of the Month; and it will be an uphill battle for anyone else to make the grade.  Good luck to you both.

A Flight

1st Stuart Tinkler (16) 37pts

2nd Keith Norman (12) 36pts

3rd Tony Robbins (16) 32pts

B Flight

1st Andy Brady (17) 35pts

2nd Peter Allen (30) 33pts

3rd Paul Garvey (24) 33pts

Near Pins: Ben Denham (2), P.J. Redmond, Keith Hemmings

Friday, Nov. 20, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

The starter was obviously oblivious to the thirty-three Bunker Boys that were ready to go as he put two four-balls right out in front of us.  This resulted in a long day on the golf course and some players barely making it back to The Ranch in time for the presentation at 7:00 p.m.

The course was in good shape except the greens from its sister course – Crystal Bay – seem to be creeping over the mountain.  No one could ever remember the greens being so slow.  Slow play, slow greens, a long day.

Gordon is still in disbelief for failing to collect the near pin prize on the par-3 5th hole.  After hitting the pin; dropping within a few feet and posting a deuce, he felt assured of a return on his entry fee.  Wasn’t to be as Mr. Near Pin – Alan Harris – got closer.  It was just the first of Alan’s two pins on the day.

Oh yeah, did I mention, it was just another beautiful, sunny day in golf paradise.

A Flight

1st Geoff Cox (14) 38pts

2nd Tony Scambler (13) 36pts

3rd Mashi Kaneta (13) 35pts

B Flight

1st Barry Murnin (21) 34pts

2nd Andy Brady (17) 34pts

3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 34pts

Near Pins: Alan Harris (2), Barry Murnin, Niall Glover

Note:  The Bunker Boys, a PSC affiliated golf society, plays out of The Ranch Bar on Pattaya 3rd road (in front of the fire station, and almost opposite the Buffalo Bar).  We play on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and meet at The Ranch at 9am for breakfast and transport.  Contact Buff on 0860465091 or 0806055663 for all enquiries or check website: