Nigel Harrison roars back after a shocker

Winner Nigel Harrison after a long wait for a Green Jacket.

Pattaya Sports Club Links Golf Society
Thursday. Jan. 14
Pattana A+B

The mustering area at the rear of the Pattana Clubhouse was busy on this Thursday morning as two societies, Links Golf, 18 players, and Boxing Roo Golf, 13 players, both had start times of 10.00 am. Taking off in opposite loops, both groups got started a little before 10.00 am.

The weather had calmed down a lot from our game on Tuesday, this day having a much more pleasant breeze and a couple of degrees higher in temperature, with a clear blue sky.

Two days ago, Nigel Harrison, not long out of quarantine on arrival, had such a shocker of a game that he decided to take a break for a week or so to regroup. A change of heart and a ‘let’s have one more try’ had him asking to be put back on the list.

Well!  That turned out a good decision as Nigel had a complete form reversal with a great score of 38 points for his first Green Jacket for a couple of years, and big confidence booster, now he’s ready. He didn’t have it all his own way as there were two more players with 38 points, so to the countbacks.

Tony Browne continued his good form and just snuck into second place ahead of Tommy Marshall, who made his 38 points off a #3 handicap.

Right on their heels was, again, Steve Moxey with a score that made him happy, 37 points gave him fourth spot.

It’s hard to believe that you can have 22 points on the front nine and miss a place, but Mike Ehlert did. He won ‘best front nine’. A six way tie on 17 points for ‘best back nine’ was won by Martin Patch after many countbacks.

When we have a good number of players we can bring out the ‘near pins’ and we did today for the second time in a week, almost like the old normal, and all were won.

Near Pins: Michael Blumhagen (A3), Dave McKey (A8), Steve Moxey (B3), Thierry Petrement (B7)

Winners at Pattana

1st Place – Nigel Harrison (21) – 38 pts c/back
2nd Place – Tony Browne (20) – 38 pts c/back
3rd Place – Tommy Marshall (3) – 38 pts
4th Place – Steve Moxey (12) – 37 pts
Best Front Nine (non winners) – Mike Ehlert – 22 pts
Best Back Nine (non winners) – Martin Patch – 17 pts c/back x 6

Although the fairways look in terrific condition, we decided to play lift, clean and place, why? As it turned out, there were a lot of moist areas on the course, and very little run. After watering, the runoff from the greens caused most to be a little soft at the base.

There was also variable speeds as some greens had been sanded. It has to be done and everyone plays the same course.

The listed price for today included a free beer, but as there was no alcohol sales allowed, Pattana lowered the price to compensate, appreciated, thank You.