New grip working for Thierry Petrement at Pattavia Century Golf Club

Winner Thierry Petrement, his first time wearing the Green Jacket.

PSC Links Golf Society
Thursday, Feb. 25

Not happy about his handicap going up, Thierry Petrement tried a different grip in the hope of adding a few extra points in Stableford games. It took a few tries, but he stuck with it and now, with a score of 41 points, it may be his answer. Time will tell.

This winning score has given Thierry his first ever Green Jacket at Links Golf.

Peter Allen is a high handicap player but has been able to come up with a score of 36 points on a number of occasions, and this time that score sees him earning second place.

Paul Smith is at the, almost, exact opposite end of the handicap scale and, from his handicap of #4, took third spot with 35 points. Paul is consistent and never far from playing to handicap.

Steve Moxey had a good win two days ago and, although not quite as many points, his 34 points was good enough to sneak into fourth place.

Paul Stewart was called as the winner of ‘best front nine’ but, due to a scratchily marked scorecard, a mistake was made. Paul put his hand up to alert us to the error.

Subsequently, this now went to Kevin LaBar with 17 points on another countback.

John Chelo won ‘best back nine’ with 16 points, also on a countback.

Winners at Pattavia
1st Place – Thierry Petrement (12) – 41 pts
2nd Place – Peter Allen (33) – 36 pts
3rd Place – Paul Smith (4) – 35 pts
4th Place – Steve Moxey (12) – 34 pts
Best Front Nine (non winners) – Kevin LaBar – 17 pts c/back
Best Back Nine (non winners) – John Chelo – 16 pts c/back

This golf course is always in good condition where the fairways are holding up and still playing nicely, and those greens that we expect to be quick, are just that.

When asked his thoughts on the course, Thierry reckoned that with 41 points on his card that the course is fantastic and he loves a fast green.

The temperature is starting to warm up and some of our fourteen players were starting to feel a little tiredness nearing the end of the round, but the hottest is yet to come.

Final round of February done and now into our March schedule where it’s back to three times a week.