Myles Knowlson awarded Golfer of the month from Pattaya’s Bunker Boys

Golfer of the month Myles Knowlson.

PSC Bunker Boys Golf
Monday, January 25th

1st Mark On (12) 39 points
2nd Jay Babin (23) 38 points
3rd Myles Knowlson (12) 38 points
4th Peter Kelly (16) 37 points
Near pins: Myles Knowlson, Peter Kelly, Geoff Parker, & Tony Robbins.

On one of the hottest days for months, Monday was a day we missed showers after the game, but at least we got a game. Even with a breeze, it was still uncomfortably hot at times.

The course was in decent condition but the rough is now starting to get very brown and withered and a good shower of rain would do wonders. As always the greens were very slippery and only the best putters were able to cope with them. We obviously have a few good putters in the group as scores were very good.

One such player was Mark On who with twenty-three points on the back nine took first place with thirty-nine, an excellent round under the conditions. He did state on the first tee that he was ready for a good round today and certainly delivered in spades.

Mark On, winner at Pattavia.

Jay Babin who rarely visits the winners’ circle had an outstanding round of thirty-eight given his difficulty with the flat stick. He edged Myles Knowlson into third place on countback. Myles rarely returns a card with less than a mid-thirties score and is making a late charge for the golfer of the month.

Peter Kelly completed the winner’s circle with a steady thirty-seven points, enough to win most days.

All the near pins were taken with one each to Myles, Peter, Geoff Parker, & a slightly grumpy Tony Robbins, possibly a Prozac sandwich for breakfast prior to our next game could help.

Occasionally we come across some curious things on the golf course. Today we saw one that most people thought only existed on YouTube. On the left side of the par-three fourth fairway, a digger was cleaning up a water catchment area and sank deep into the mud and bottomed out covering its caterpillar tracks. The rescue job will no doubt provide some unexpected enjoyment for passing groups of players in the near future.

Wednesday, January 27th
Burapha A & B

1st Les Cobban (9) 38 points
2nd Myles Knowlson (11) 37 points
3rd Geoff Parker (18) 36 points
Near pins Dave Ashman, Les Cobban, & Geoff Parker.

A field of twelve for Wednesday’s game at Burapha although we were lucky to have that many. For some reason only known to themselves, Steve Durey and Barry Murnin went to Bangpra and had to come all the way back, late as expected for their tee time. Luckily the course was not busy and they finally caught up on the closing holes.

The course was in average condition, the rough not as punishing as previously, but the greens were abysmally slow, certainly not up to the standard one would expect from this course. The day was overcast and muggy as there was no wind.

As is usually the case, the cream rises to the top with Les Cobban taking first place with thirty-eight points. The ever consistent Myles Knowlson took second a stroke back with Geoff Parker closing out the winner’s circle with thirty-six points, all very good scores under the conditions. Three near pins were won by Dave Ashman, Les Cobban, and Geoff Parker.

With the last game of January on Friday, a fierce battle is in store for the golfer of the month with at least five players all very close and in with a show. Only a few points separate Myles Knowlson, Mark On, Geoff Parker, Les Cobban, and Michael Brett. Anyone who shoots a good score wins, who will claim the prize? A betting man would put their money on either Les Cobban or Myles Knowlson, both of whom show greater consistency than the others.

Les Cobban, winner at Burapha.

Friday, January 29th
Crystal Bay C & A

1st Tony Plummer (18) 41 points
2nd Myles Knowlson (11) 39 points
3rd Michael Brett (15) 34 points
4th Geoff Parker (18) 34 points
Near pins Myles Knowlson & Tony Plummer X 2.

Our last game of January was played at the Crystal Bay Course. The place was virtually deserted when we arrived and we struggled to find enough caddies for the fourteen of us.

The course was in its usual condition, not great but reasonably ok. The wind blew all day but didn’t affect play too much. We had a curious situation where our third group who were abysmally slow lost several holes on the group in front of them, obviously, they held up the group behind them also. They finished an hour after the first group to the great displeasure of both.

In recent times some very good scores are being returned as was the case again today. Tony Plummer was in superb form and took first place with forty-one points. He also managed to bag two near pins and just missed out on a third.

After a very shaky start, Myles Knowlson managed to get into gear and compile a score of thirty-nine, good enough to take second place, a round that contained a couple of birdies.

Four players ended up with thirty-four points with Geoff Atwell and Steve Durey the unlucky ones to miss out on countback. Looks like Steve Durey is now running into some form after his long absence, Geoff Parker is also maintaining good form after a prolonged spell in the doldrums where he threatened to give up golf. It’s now Jimmy Carr’s turn to endure how golf can drag you down.

Friday was the first visit by a very pallid Gerry Cooney after a long balmy winter in Liverpool. He spent much of the day under an umbrella sheltering his porcelain white skin from the hot Thai sun. Welcome back Gerry.

Once again it was time to find the first golfer of the month for this New Year. Les Cobban led by two going into the final round but for some reason decided not to participate. He could have still won without playing depending on the chasers scores.

Myles Knowlson was the closest but still had to produce in order to win, which he did. The other chasers, Mark On, Geoff Parker, and Michael Brett all had chances but failed to take them leaving Myles with his name on the first wine glass of the year. Goes to show how sophisticated the Bunker Boys have become, going from beer mugs to wine glasses.