Millionaire’s golf at Crystal Bay


PSC Bunker Boys @ The Bowling Green

Monday, July 9, Bangpra – Stableford

A few comings and goings today as we said farewell to Eddie Kelly after a successful few weeks, and welcomed back William Macey, Reg Smart, and Peter Habgood after prolonged absences.  There was a good turnout for what is always one of the most popular courses, but unfortunately we were out behind another society, so the leading 3-balls had a slow day.

The skies were heavy all day, and the thunder was all around, but luckily there were only a few sprinkles of rain throughout the round.  The fairways and greens were in their usual good condition, but some players complained that the areas around the greens were dry and very hard, making chipping difficult.

William Macey tries to explain to Liab how he’s playing off an 18 handicap. William Macey tries to explain to Liab how he’s playing off an 18 handicap.

The problem didn’t seem to affect William Macey (not renowned as Pattaya’s best chipper) as he made a successful return, playing to his (dodgy?) handicap to come in second place behind Paul Edgar.

1st Paul Edgar (19) 38pts

2nd William Macey (18) 36pts

3rd Dave Ashman (14) 35pts

Near Pins:  Dave Ashman, Barry Murnin and Lee Butler

Wednesday, July 11, Burapha A & B – Stableford

A low turnout today for our first visit to Burapha since last year’s low season.  Maybe it was because of the PSC Summer party in the evening, or maybe because buggies are compulsory here, making it an expensive day for those who normally walk.

The course was quiet and in great condition, so those that did play had a great day, and completed the round in 3½ hours.  The after game consensus was that the course is well worth the occasional visit in the low season.

1st John Graham (10) 39pts

2nd Barry Murnin (15) 36pts

3rd Richard Baldotto (25) 34pts

Friday, July 13, Crystal Bay C & A – Stableford

Another good turnout for what many regard as one of the easier courses on our regular schedule.  The course was quiet and in reasonable condition, with the greens recovering from recent coring.

Millionaire’s golf again today as the round progressed uninterrupted – it can’t be only the scribe who thinks that this is the best time of the year to be playing golf in Pattaya, leaving plenty of time for a few cold ones on the way back to the Bowling Green for the presentation.

Tony Robbins made a welcome return after his recent hernia operation and almost made it onto the podium, scoring 35 points.  Lee Butler recorded the best score of the day as the top 3 players all played to their handicaps or better, but there were several players down the order who probably didn’t agree that this is one of the easier courses.

1st Lee Butler (14) 39pts

2nd William Macey (18) 37pts

3rd Takeshi Hakozaki (12) 36pts

Near Pins:  John Graham, Gerry Cooney, Tony Robbins and Takeshi.

Note:  The Bunker Boys are a PSC affiliated golf society who now play out of the Bowling Green on Soi X-Zyte between Pattaya 3rd Road and Soi Buakhaow.  We play three times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so if you enjoy a fun day out, and a friendly but competitive golf competition why not come and join us.

We meet at the Bowling Green at 9 a.m. for breakfast and transportation, and new players with valid handicaps are always welcome.  For more information call Dave on 087 146 9978, email [email protected].