Funk flays the field


PSC Blue Moose Golf

Monday, July 9, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

A fine turnout of Blue Moose golfers showed up on Monday at Pattaya Country Club, including 3 ladies.  The course continues to be in good shape and the greens were back in normal shape from the slowness experienced the previous Monday.

Conspicuous by their absence was the duo of Larry Emerson and Rich Murphy, which left Bruce in a Funk, however, he quickly recovered.

Bruce Funk, left and Dougie Powell. Bruce Funk, left and Dougie Powell.

Of the 15 cards submitted (one player establishing a handicap), 5 players scored better than their handicap.  Bruce Funk topped the field with 42 points to win the A group, followed by Kevin Worl and his 38 points.  The B group was won by Dougie Powell with 39 points with Jim Hern coming in a close second.  The previous week’s winner Herbie Ishinaga with his 40 points and boasting to dominate Monday golf came in 8th with 33 points.

Thursday, July 12, Green Valley – Stableford

Three groups of Moose golfers teed ‘em up at Green Valley in the heat of the day at 7:50 a.m.  Matt Millar started off just as hot with 23 points on the front nine.  Unlike the weather he cooled off considerably to finish in second place with 36 points.  The only thing hotter was Bruce Funk who won his second straight outing with a 38 point total.  Larry Emerson, recovering from a brief illness and a topped drive into the water on the opening hole, shot 35 stableford points to claim third place.

Spot won the near pin and drew a four-topping Blue Moose pizza for his effort.  It was Joe Saint’s turn to be on the Injured Reserve list after a slight mishap in an unspecified hong nam left him with four cracked ribs.  Partly responsible could have been the honey flavored litre of Wild Turkey that Matt broke out to go along with the usual provisions provided by the Blue Moose staff.