Mashi mauls the field with 45-pointer


PSC golf from Café Kronborg

Monday, march 11, Khao Kheow A & C – Stableford

The Pete Dye designed Khao Kheow Country Club was the challenge for today and we were off the tee 15 minutes early in very hot and sticky conditions with a welcome breeze coming as we made the turn on to the 9th.

The course was in very good condition with slick greens and we made it around in 4 hours and 10 minutes, not catching any groups on the way.  It must be the start of the low season.

Hfranhildur Oskadottr, Dave Richardson and Mike Winfield.Hfranhildur Oskadottr, Dave Richardson and Mike Winfield.

Welcomes went out to a host of golfers; Einar, Malai, Valur, Jens, Per, Nat, Hrfanhildur all from Iceland, and a goodbye to Martyn Topham, going back to Canada.

Two flights today with the cut at handicap 19 and four technical prizes.  Hfranhildur Oskadottr took the A Flight with a fine 41 points ahead of Arne Max Pedersen in second with 38 while Lotte Boskov took  third on a count back from Henrik Aagaard, both on 34 points.

Mike Winfield topped the B Flight on a count back from Hennig Olsen (second) and Malai Rattanawisit (third), all with 35 points while Dave Richardson completed the podium in fourth.

A Flight (0-19)

1st Hfranhildur Oskadottr (17) 41pts

2nd Arne Max Pedersen (15) 38pts

3rd Lotte Boskov (17) 34pts

4th Henrik Aagaard (19) 34pts

B Flight (20+)

1st Mike Winfield (23) 35pts

2nd Henning Olsen (20) 35pts

3rd Malai Rattanawisit (36) 35pts

4th Dave Richardson (24) 31pts

Near Pins:  A5 and C3 Hfranhildur Oskadottr

Long Putts:  A9 Leif Kirkgaard, C9 Mike Winfield

Thursday, March 14, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

We were off for a very pleasant day at Pleasant Valley and the course as usual was in fine condition with quickish greens.  It was fairly busy but we managed to get around in under 4 hours.  Back in the clubhouse a welcome went out to Les Hall and a goodbye to Jack Robertson, back to Canada for 6 months.

Mashi Kaneta, Dave Richardson and Henning Olsen.Mashi Kaneta, Dave Richardson and Henning Olsen.

Two flights today with the cut at handicap 19 and a full bevy of pins.

Mashi Kaneta won the A Flight with an astounding 45 points.  Coming a distant second was Richard Kubicki on a count back from Ted Morris, both with 37 points, and fourth was Leif Kirkgaard with 36.

Henning Olsen led the B Flight with a fine 42 points ahead of Jan Lovgreen in second, just one behind, and Mike Winfield was third on a count back over Kai Aabling, both with 39.

A Flight (0-19)

1st Mashi Kaneta (15) 45pts

2nd Richard Kubicki (12) 37pts

3rd Ted Morris (12) 37pts

4th Leif Kirkgaard (17) 36pts

B Flight (20+)

1st Henning Olsen (20) 42pts

2nd Jan Lovgreen (20) 41pts

3rd Mike Winfield (23) 39pts

4th Kai Aabling (23) 39pts

Near Pins:  #5 Jan Lovgreen, #8 Carole Kubicki, #13 Lotte Boskov, #17 Ted Morris.

Long Putts:  #9 Leif Kirkgaard, #18 Jan Nielsen.