Higgins high scores at Phoenix


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Monday, March 11, Green Valley – Stableford

Div. 1

1st David Jeffrey (9) 38pts

2nd Tewin Lamthong (11) 37pts

3rd Brendan Moore (12) 35pts

Div. 2

1st Roger Wilkinson (15) 39pts

2nd Derek Thorogood (17) 37pts

3rd John Baxter (17) 37pts

Tuesday, March 12, Greenwood A & B – Stableford

1st Tristan Gilbert (8) 36pts

2nd Jeff Norman (17) 36pts

3rd Tim Dalton (20) 35pts

Thursday, March 14, Phoenix Lakes & Ocean – Stableford

Div. 1

1st Ged Higgins (20) 43pts

2nd Tewin Lamthong (11) 38pts

3rd Mod Chaviraksa (12) 36pts

Div. 2

1st Ray Verrall (23) 38pts

2nd Tom Kett (19) 37pts

3rd Simon Tapster (17) 36pts

It was another good week for TRGG around the courses with a number of new names in the frame, and our old favourite Poopay (Tewin Lamthong) with a couple of mentions.  There was also the first mention for a long time of Roger Wilkinson, who had a over par back 9 at Green Valley for 24 points and 39 overall.  Miss Mod’s good form continues and she took the money from the guys, again.