Lovgreen sails home at Riverside


PSC Golf from Café Kronborg

Monday, March 21, Bangpakong – Stableford

A Flight (0-22)

1st Doug Maiko (16) 38pts

2nd Walter Baechli (15) 37pts

3rd Jim Lucente (19) 36pts

4th Arne Pedersen (18) 34pts

B Flight (23+)

1st Jan Lovgreen (23) 41pts

2nd Elias Magnusson (23) 37pts

3rd Peter Hammond (25) 35pts

4th Steen Habersaat (23) 35pts

Long Putts: #9 Peter Hammond, #18 Arne Pedersen

Near Pins: #4 Henning Olsen, #7 Lotte Boskov, #13 Torben Sorensen, #16 Arne Pedersen

Bangpakong Riverside, one of our favorites, was the game today and we set off the first tee under sunny skies and very hot conditions all day.  The course was in fine shape but no run due to heavy watering.

Jan Lovgreen and Doug Maiko with Dave Richardson.

We had two flights today with the cut at handicap 22 and a full set of pins to shoot for.

Doug Maiko won the A Flight with 38 points, one ahead of Walter Baechli in second while Jim Lucente was third with 36 points and Arne Pedersen fourth on count backs from Richard Kubicki and Henning Olsen.

Jan Lovgreen took the B Flight with the best score of the day, 41 points, to finish ahead of Elias Magnusson in second, Peter Hammond and Steen Habersaat in fourth.

Wednesday, March 23, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

A Flight (0-21)

1st Ronnie Ratte (21) 38pts

2nd Carole Kubicki (20) 36pts

3rd Richard Kubicki (12) 35pts

4th Jim Lucente (19) 31pts

B Flight (22+)

1st Graham Buckingham (25) 37pts

2nd Kenny Chung (25) 37pts

3rd Kaj Aabling (25) 36pts

4th Karl Beter (32) 36pts

Long Putts: #9 Rod Weeks, #18 Karl Beter.

Near Pins: #5 & #7 Rod Weeks, #12 Richard Kubicki.

Pattaya Country Club provided the challenge on Wednesday and the course was in good condition with fast and consistent greens on both loops.

Ronnie Ratte and Graham Buckingham with Dave Richardson.

Ronnie Ratte won the A Flight with 38 points, two up on Carole Kubicki in second while husband Richard was third with 35 and Jim Lucente fourth with 31.

Graham Buckingham took the B Flight on a count back from Kenny Chung, both with 37 points and Kaj Aabling won another count back to take third over Karl Beter.