Greer signs off in style


IPGC Golf from The Haven

Monday, March 21, Greenwood B & C – Stableford


1st Terry Hodgkiss (25) 35pts

2nd Shuichi Kodaka (18) 30pts

3rd Alan Griffiths (13) 30pts

4th Rod Crosswell (15) 29pts

5th Mark Williams (7) 29pts

6th Masanori Takano (8) 29pts

Monday stated the week’s golfing activities with an almost unbelievable day of golf at the always popular Greenwood where the test for the day was the B and C courses and which were both in excellent condition.

Danny Greer.

The weather was fine, although very hot, and the fairways provided a reasonable amount of run.  It was therefore very surprising that the results were generally so poor, with the par threes being particularly difficult.  Even with several single figure handicappers in the field there were still only six threes returned from all the entries during the course of the event.

Terry Hodgkiss had a day to remember, winning by five clear and even though he did not manage to play under his handicap he will be looking forward to a one stroke reduction for the ensuing weeks.  He played the par fives particularly well, taking ten points from them, all of which testifies to the value of his recent golf lessons.

Shuichi Kodaka was a lot happier when he discovered that he had taken the second place prize following a count back over Alan Griffiths, which he won with a better 15 to 14, after an unspectacular day but one that proved to be fruitful in the outcome.

Rod Crosswell won a three-way count back at seven over with a best 16 for fourth place, ahead of Mark Williams, with 15 in fifth, and Masanori Takano in sixth place after he returned 13 on the last nine.

There were no 2s in either of the divisions.

Wednesday, March 23 – Green Valley charity event

The day’s scheduled event was taken over by the group’s support of the charity even held at Green Valley to raise monies for the families of two caddies that were killed on their way home from working at Pattaya Country Club recently.

Friday, March 25, Pattaya C. C. – Stableford

CSS 71

1st Danny Greer (25) 40pts

2nd Peter Skinner (12) 38pts

3rd Terry Chellew (17) 37pts

4th Alan Griffiths (13) 37pts

5th Mark Armstrong (25) 36pts

6th Chris Ross (24) 36pts

Following the very strange day on the previous Monday, the group unexpectedly returned to very good form at the newly renovated Pattaya Country Club where the whole course continues to improve each time that the Haven make their once a fortnightly visit.  On this occasion, playing below ones handicap resulted in not making even the honourable mentions list.

Terry Hodgkiss.

Danny Greer is preparing to return to Blighty, following a quick break on his Northern Estates, to resume his plundering of the local food outlets but will be ensuring that his dress code is slightly different for the return trip to forestall any holdups in his travel arrangements.  But on this day those thoughts were far in the background as he plundered the golf spoils, taking the top step of the podium with his best round since recent records began in 2008 and winning by a clear two shots.  A stunning day’s golf even allowing for the anchor hampered last two holes on which he managed just the one point.

Peter Skinner, who is in good form of late, placed second with a pair of 19s on each half just a stroke ahead of a count back for third which Terry Chellew won with a better 18 to 17 to leave Alan Griffiths in fourth place.

Marl Armstrong at level handicap won another count back for fifth against Chris Ross by 19 to 16 after a very strong start by Chris but too many single pointers to start the back nine was a problem too difficult to overcome.

Once again, even with the good scores all around the course, there were no 2s in either of the divisions.

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