Laughter and fun in wind


Pattaya Sports Club Golf from Billabong

Wednesday, 02 Dec Pattana Stableford

The Billabong ladies decided on a change from Green Valley today and played Pattana in windy conditions but a pleasant day for golf. It seems that it is very difficult to putt in the wind with a mini skirt on holding your skirt down with one hand and trying to putt with the other. The volunteers to help this lady in distress were numerous to say the least.

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With just two groups playing, the laughter and fun these girls have is something to behold. They just seem to enjoy themselves immensely.

Playing A and B loops, the scores were quite good with Miss Prae taking 3rd spot with 33 points. Miss Noodle took 2nd with 34 points, but the lovely Miss Sasicha streeted the field with 40 points to take line honours.

Now in the men’s division playing a composite course at Green Valley starting on the 12th hole for a somewhat confusing day, playing 12, 13, 14 then 9 and 10 then back to 15 around to 18 then 1 to 8 then number 11 to finish. Kinder different to say the least, but it will be back to normal next week.

The unusual course configuration didn’t impact on the scoring though, with Wayne Cotterell taking 3rd place with 37 points. Sel Wegner took 2nd with 38 points being beaten on a count back by Tom McMahon also with 38 but with 20 on the back nine.

There were three twos coming from Cottee, Tony Oakes and Peter Thomas.