Kelly hangs on for the medal


Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Jan. 8, Green Valley – Monthly Medal

A Flight

1st Andy Kelleher (10) net 69
2nd Dave Boran (13) net 75
3rd Peter LeNoury (14) net 77

B Flight

1st Peter Kelly (17) net 68
2nd George Wallace (17) net 69
3rd Mick Beresford (19) net75

C Flight

1st Eddy Beilby (21) net 73
2nd Bill Eyles (22) net 75
3rd Jorn Finnerup (26) net 75

Near Pins: No 5 Andy Kelleher, No 8 Dave Buchanan, No 16 Bill Eyles.

A good high season crowed turned out for the first monthly medal of 2017 and travelled to Green Valley in a downpour, not the best way to start the day but it turned out fine as the rain subsided as we arrived at the course.  The course was very wet and no carts were allowed on the fairways, so it was ‘lift, clean and place’ in effect.

B Flight provided the medal winner in the shape of Peter Kelly who returned a man of the match net 68 to receive a lead crystal engraved whiskey goblet, an invite to the 2017 gold medal and had his name etched on the Lewiinski’s wall of shame.  Peter was one stroke clear of fellow B Flightier George Wallace, and this left Mickey ‘nine holes Beresford to tidy up the flight podium with a net75.

A Flight belonged to Andy Kelleher with a rock solid net 69.  But the story could have been very different if big hitting Dave Boran had not taken a 10 on the 7th hole par-five as up until then he was 2 over gross.  Peter LeNoury and Michel Deletraz were both surprised when their net 77s stood knotted for A Flight third, but only Peter left the house smiling.

Eddy ‘the eagle’ Beilby swooped in for the C Flight gold with a net 73.  Bill Eyles had the better inward nine as he prevailed on count back over Jorn Finnerup for second.

The golf gods must have been smiling on the society today because as we left the course the heavens opened up.

Eddy Beilby (right) with Marcus Earp.
Eddy Beilby (right) with Marcus Earp.

Monday, Jan. 9, Royal Lakeside – Stableford

A Flight

1st Jim Riley (16) 43pts
2nd Andre Vandyke (14) 43pts
3rd Andy Kelleher (10) 40pts

B Flight

1st Mick Coughlan (22) 40pts
2nd Brian Gabe (17) 38pts
3rd Tip Briney (22) 37pts

C Flight

1st Robert Collis (24) 43pts
2nd John O’Neil (23) 40pts
3rd Sean Soden (23) 39pts

Near Pins: Phil Scotton (2), Walter O’Keefe, Werna Paulch.

Long Putt: Mick Coughlan.

It is always tough to lose a count back.  It is also tough not to win when you have 43 points on the card.  Well it happened to Andre Van Dyke as he was left in second place in A Flight, losing the count back 22-18 on the inner nine to Jim Riley.  The man who is always there or there abouts, Andy Kelleher, closed the flight with a sound 40 points.

C Flight was not to be outdone as they had a 43-pointer coming from Robert Collis, who also picked up a pair of near pins.  John O’Neil took the flight silver with 40 points while Sean Soden completed the podium a stroke further back.

It was good to see Mick Coughlan climbing the B Flight podium steps as he returned to form, not that anyone doubted that he soon would, with 40 points.  Brian Gabe picked up the flight silver with 38 points and Tip Briney rounded out the flight with 37.

Wednesday, Jan. 11, Bangpra – Stableford

A Flight

1st John O’Neil (23) 34pts
2nd Brian Parish (14) 33pts

B Flight

1st Jason Schembri (24) 35pts
2nd Pat Maloney (24) 35pts

Near Pins: Stuart Mann, Andre Van Dyke.

A somewhat smaller group turned out to play Bangpra on Wednesday.  The course was a tad wet but in playable condition and rain threatened all day but held up till the game was over.

Two men in B Flight took the match honours, Jason Schembri and Pat Mulroney both tied on 35 points and when the divots had settled it was Jason who occupied the top podium spot.

John O’Neil was the top man in A Flight with 34 points and was one stroke clear of Brian Parish.

Friday, Jan. 13, Silky Oak – Stableford

A Flight

1st Paul West (15) 40pts
2nd Oliver Orth (11) 39pts
3rd Randy Conti (17) 38pts

B Flight

1st Tip Briney (21) 40pts
2nd Steve Baker (21) 39pts
3rd Dave Dunne (18) 39pts

C Flight

1st Robert Collis (25) 43pts
2nd Tim Coomey (26) 38pts
3rd Neil Smith (323) 34pts

Near Pins: Neil Smith, Anne Stokes, H Sing, Alan Attell, Andy Kelleher.

The signup sheet was for Silky Oak had 40 plus players, and as a bonus the course was in very good condition, the weather was warm and there was a slight breeze to keep things comfortable.  Perfect you might think, but not quite.  On arrival there was chaos because there were no carts and no caddies, but the lads played out the game eventually and despite this the scoring was still at a very high standard.

C Flight provided the man of the match, Robert Collis, with a blistering 43 points.  Tim Coomey took the silver with a tidy 38 points as Neil Smith closed the flight with 34.

A Flight was a little tighter as Paul West took the gold with an excellent 40 points.  Paul was followed up the podium steps in one stroke increments by Oliver Orth and Randy Conti in that order.

The laurels in B Flight belonged to Irishman Tip Briney with his own 40 points.  Tip was one stroke clear of a pair of podium regulars, Steve Baker and Dave Dune, with the count back favoring Steve by the narrowest margin of 19-18.