Ivan gets it right at last


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, November 21, Khao Kheow – Stableford

What a day at Khao Kheow today, not hot, just right for golf and with greens like lightning; a 4-putt was considered good for some of us!  The course is looking great with the amount of money the management has spent over the last few months, it really is quite spectacular.

Playing A and B off the yellow tees made for a tough day out for most of the 22 Outbackers with some of the stableford scores as low as the upper teens and early 20s.  We welcomed back Bob Maloney, Don Everett and Wayne Waywood, as well as a couple of guests from the East, Bill Conway and his mate Gerry Shannon.

Tuesday podium placers (from the left): Mark Bell Neil Lavery and Dennis Persson. Tuesday podium placers (from the left): Mark Bell Neil Lavery and Dennis Persson.

Dennis Pelly (35pts) continues to be the man to catch, not only in terms of winning tournaments but also as a handicapper, as he remains very consistent yet just under the radar by residing in the buffer zone on our EGA handicapping system.  He has just recently joined the PSC and after his handicap record was handed over to Joe Mooneyham (PSC Golf Chariman) he received a handicap of exactly 10, against his 10.8 with us; so not much difference.

Dennis is also leading our Big Mango Properties sponsored “Best 6 cards for the month”, in what appears to be a two horse race between him and Owen Walkley.  He (Dennis) has 209 points and Owen has 191.  Bob Lindborg is still giving chase, a little way back on 159, but only has five counting at the moment.

Jon Kittilsen arrived from Norway recently, clearly raring to go, with the top score of the day (38pts) to give him a win in Div B, closely followed by Alan Ansell, who has won here before and must like the course.

There were only two ‘2’s from Steve Plant on A3 and Bob Lindborg on A5.

Div A (0–14)

1st Dennis Pelly (12/Hi10.8) 35pts

2nd Amarjit Banwaitt (7/6.5) 34pts

3rd Owen Walkley (10/9.7) 32pts

4th Bob Maloney (14/Hi13) 30pts

Div B (15+)

1st Jon Kittilsen (22/Hi19.9) 38pts

2nd Alan Ansell (23/20.9) 37pts

3rd Bill Conway (33/Hi29.7) 35pts

4th Sugar Ray Handford (18/Hi16.2) 30pts

Tuesday, November 22, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

As with the report from Khao Kheow, the weather here continues to be absolutely amazing with clear blue sunny skies together with a good breeze to keep you cool, you just couldn’t find better conditions anywhere.  So why is it that generally everybody is struggling to beat handicap over recent weeks as the first division boys could do no better than the 33 points achieved by Neil Lavery, with the Turnip himself taking second on 32.

Div B did a little better as Jim Payne took that with 35, beating Paul Smets on count back and Jon Kittilsen Monday’s winner at Khao Kheow) third on 34; but finding himself playing off 18 today as opposed to 22 at Khao Kheow as a result of the different rating of the two courses plus a little handicap cut of 1.2.

To speculate on the lower than usual scoring, it would most likely be the scary quick greens, which are becoming very tough to read for pace and line plus they are now quite hard and it is difficult to get the ball to stay on the putting surface.  In addition, they have watered the aprons of many of the holes rendering the links style short approach shot (attempting to get the ball just to hop up onto the green) completely out of the question.

The DeVere sponsored Eclectic has only three rounds to go before the end of the month and Dennis Persson is out in front on 54 points, followed by John Cogan (52) and Chad (51).

There were three ‘2’s from Chad (hole 5), Neil Lavery (hole 7) and Raji (hole 16).

Div A (0-16)

1st Neil Lavery (9/11.1) 33pts

2nd Dennis Persson (14/Hi15.8) 32pts

3rd Mark Bell (9/Hi10.2) 29pts

4th Billy Fitzgerald (12/Hi13) 28pts

Div B (17+)

1st Jim Payne (26/hi26.7) 35pts

2nd Paul Smets (21/Hi22) 35pts

3rd Jon Kittilsen (18/Hi18.7) 34pts

4th Bob Davies (21/Hi22) 27pts

Wednesday, November 23, Burapha – Stableford

Steve Mann had already announced that he was pleased to be back in Thailand after his three week trip back home to Aus, and went on to celebrate with a win at Burapha on the C & D nines from the white tees.  His 35points earned the premier division win from 1 handicapper (playing off 0) Dave Buchanan (34pts) who is always there or thereabouts, with another Burapha regular and the also very steady, John Cunningham, who was third with 33.

Ivan Plunkett in Div B got it all going right with the day’s top score of 39, for which he received a 2 shot handicap reduction as the course played tougher than par and he beat Andy Robertson, two shots back on 37.

There were four ‘2’s; two on hole C5 from Ian Heddle & Dave Buchanan, Steve Dodd on C8 and Owen Walkley on D8.

Div A (0-13)

1st Steve Mann (11/10.7) 35pts

2nd Dave Buchanan (0/1.2) 34pts

3rd John Cunningham (7) 33pts

4th Mark Bell (10/10.3) 33pts

Div B (14+)

1st Ivan Plunkett (23/Hi22) 39pts

2nd Andy Robertson (14/Hi13.3) 37pts

3rd Andy Makara (28/Hi27.1) 33pts

4th John Locke (16) 32pts

Friday, November 25, Green Valley – Stableford

Today, apart from three golfers, the golf course was the winner of the day, with a field of 44 players and the wind blowing a gale it made for very interesting golf.

We welcomed back from the Old Country, Bob Hope, Terry Bate and Ken Smith, friends of Bob Lindborg, and also Max Millee, playing with the Outback for the first time.  Bryce Stick leaves tomorrow (Sat) back to the land of Aus. after his bonus fortnight here, during which he played some very acceptable golf.

Scoring out there today was very ordinary some of the scores being in the teens, something you don’t see that often; although the Capt’, who has been playing so badly, is beginning to think anything over 25 points would be classed as great.

The course is in fantastic condition at the moment with fast greens but in some places on the fairway it was a bit wet from excessive watering which would hardly be anything to complain about.

Our two new monthly competitions, sponsored by Big Mango Properties and DeVere are coming to a close for the first month and the DeVere Eclectic is incredibly close with just two rounds to go, with three all tied on 54 points; Dennis Persson, John Cogan & Chad.

The Big Mango “Best 6 cards”, also with two round left, continues to be led by Dennis Pelly on 209 points, who is way ahead of Owen Walkley (193pts), who is battling with Bob Lindborg (191pts) for second place,

There were seven ‘2’s today from Bob Maloney (hole 4), Mark McDonald, Steve Plant & Andy Robertson (hole 9), Raji & Bob Maloney (hole 12) and Mark McGuffin (hole 16).

Div A (+1–11)

1st Mark McDonald (2Hi3.2) 37pts

2nd Andy Butterworth (9/Hi10) 34pts

3rd Dennis Pelly (10/Hi10.8) 33pts

4th Amarjit Banwaitt (5/Hi6.6) 32pts

Div B (12–16)

1st John Locke (16) 40pts

2nd Bob Maloney (13/Hi13.1) 35pts

3rd Joe Mooneyham (14/Hi14.8) 34pts

4th Ken Little (16) 34pts

Div C (18+)

1st Greg Hill (20) 40pts

2nd Kevin Hamilton (18/17.6) 34pts

3rd Bob Lindborg (19) 32pts

4th Barry Lewis (29/Hi28) 32pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit. Just call in and put your name down on the list or give Bob a call on 087 941 2474.