Svend’s ‘Hole in One’ steals the show


PSC Golf from the Café Kronborg

Monday, November 21, Khao Kheow A & B – Stableford

Two late cancellations left a field of 30 golfers and your writer was out for a couple of weeks due to back problems so ‘The Admiral’ and Mick O’Connor were responsible for the organizing and I thank them for that.

After welcoming Jean Pierre Malaper from France the contingency departed the Kronny at 0815 hrs as scheduled in four mini vans and arrived at the course 43 minutes later.  The first group teed off at 0934 hrs, 26 minutes ahead of the allotted time in conditions which were great for golf.  The golf course was reported to be in “average” condition but the greens were very good.  A fairly quick round was enjoyed by all and took four hours and twenty minutes.

Mick O’Connor & Andre Van Dyk.Mick O’Connor & Andre Van Dyk.

Poor old Mick O’Connor was up to his old tricks as not only did he forget to take the starting sheet to the first tee he forgot to put his “undies” on after his after game shower.  In addition to that he was spotted being pulled out of a bunker by Elias Magnusson after falling into it in the process of playing a shot!  Mick volunteered this information to me afterwards so there is no chance that he will be offended by it being made public.

There were 2 flights with A Flight for handicaps 0 to 22 and B Flight for 23 and over.  There were rewards for nearest the pin on all four par threes and longest first putts on the ninth & eighteenth.

There were some very good scores on the day and Leif Kirkgaard won the A Flight with 40 points from Neils Hansen on 37 points in second place.  A count back for third & fourth saw Don Richardson edge out Andre Barril, both with 34 points and Mike Winfield finished fifth with 31 points.

The B Flight was easily won by Susanne Gaarde with a fine 41 points, seven points clear of Frank Donnelly in second spot.  J C Lhoste finished third with 33 points and Ulla Ravn edged Gordon Clegg for fourth spot after both finished on 31 points.

A Flight (0-23)

1st Leif Kirkgaard (19) 40pts

2nd Neils Hansen (14) 37pts

3rd Don Richardson (10) 34pts

4th Andre Barril (19) 34pts

5th Mike Winfield (20) 31pts

B Flight (24+)

1st Susanne Gaarde (29) 41pts

2nd Frank Donnelly (24) 34pts

3rd J C Lhoste (24) 33pts

4th Ulla Ravn (35) 31pts

5th Gordon Clegg (28) 31pts

Near Pins:  A3 Andre Barril; A5 Don Richardson; B3 Niels Hansen; B8 Don Richardson

Long Putts:  A9 Mike Winfield; B9 Jean Pierre Malaper

The Compass Cap was once again won by Dick Braimbridge and Deefa the Dog was paraded around by big Kenny Bernek to collect lots of donations to charity from the Kronny Crew.

Wednesday, November 23, The Emerald – Stableford

Due to a fantastic response we had to increase our tee spots from 5 to 8 but it was disappointing to have one “no show” on the morning to reduce our numbers to 31.

Elias Magnusson, The Admiral & Leif KirkgaardElias Magnusson, The Admiral & Leif Kirkgaard

Departing the Kronny 5 minutes early at 0810 hrs in three mini vans they arrived at Emerald 45 minutes later and were able to get the first group away 15 minutes early at 0945 hrs.  The weather was reported as being very hot and the golf course was in good shape although they had to persevere with mostly sanded greens.

The full round was completed in four hours and thirty minutes without any incidents of note although Mick O’Connor, co-organiser on the day this time managed to arrive back at the Kronny to find that he’d left his golf shorts back at Emerald.  Mick is departing for a stint in the UK next week and I have promised him I will provide him with a travel check list to use before he leaves Pattaya.

There were 2 flights with A Flight for handicaps 0 to 19 and B Flight for 20 and over.  We had rewards for nearest the pin on all four par threes and longest first putts on the ninth & eighteenth greens.

A Flight was won by Andre Van Dyk with 36 points and in a count back for second and third Daryl Evans finished ahead of Mike Allidi, both on 35 points.  Dr Paul Cardwell was fourth with 34 points and a three way count back saw Ulf Larsson take fifth spot from Neils Hansen & Allan “Jaidee” Traneker, all with 33 points.

Mr Forgetfullness, Mick O’Connor shot a fine 40 points to win the B Flight, just 1 point ahead of Susanne Gaarde in second place.  In a count back for third & fourth, both with 37 points Joe Vanderwegen just pipped Bo “mum to be” Cardwell and Svend Gaarde came fifth with 34 points.

A Flight (0-19)

1st Andre Van Dyk (15) 36pts

2nd Daryl Evans (18) 35pts

3rd Mike Allidi (1) 35pts

4th Paul Cardwell (14) 34pts

5th Ulf Larsson (16) 33pts

B Flight (20+)

1st Mick O’Connor (22) 40pts

2nd Susanne Gaarde (29) 39pts

3rd Joe Vanderwegen (24) 37pts

4th Bo Cardwell (40) 37pts

5th Svend Gaarde (27) 34pts

Near Pins:  5th Ken Bernek; 7th Mike Allidi; 13th Mike Allidi; 15th Daryl Evans

Long Putts:  9th Ken Bernek; 18th Mick O’Connor (He reckons it was 78ft 8in.)

Thursday, November 24, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

With a last minute cancellation due to sickness we fell one short again of our full complement of 32 golfers and there were welcomes for Terry Haddon from Dorset, UK, Paul Sharples back for a brief stay from his work in Oman, Jorn Hansen (making it 3 Hansen males for the day) from Denmark & Tony Berry from Wales.  Gordon Clegg was playing his last game for a while as he was returning to his work in Saudi Arabia after 3 weeks of R & R so there was a Bon Voyage for him.

Svend Gaarde with his Hole in One certificate.Svend Gaarde with his Hole in One certificate.

“Let’s go” called the Admiral and the four mini vans were loaded up and left the Kronny just a tad after the scheduled 0815 hrs departure time.  After a 38 minute drive the group arrived at Pleasant Valley and without too much delay the first group teed off at 0937 hrs, 23 minutes earlier than the booking time.  The weather was reported as being good with swirling winds and the condition of the course was OK although The Admiral noted that some bunkers needed attention and there were several hazards not marked.  The full round was completed in the good time of four hours & fifteen minutes.

There were 2 flights with A Flight for handicaps 0 to 19 and B Flight for 20 and over.  There were rewards for nearest the pin on all four par threes and longest first putts on the ninth & eighteenth greens.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly an “Ace” on the 13th by Svend Gaarde who kept the Café Kronborg Golf Hole in One tradition continuing as it was our fourth of the year.  Apparently Svend hit a 5-wood 152 yards into the wind and many thanks to Pleasant Valley management for providing him with a Hole in One certificate before he left the clubhouse.

There were some very good scores on the day and none better than the 41 points by Leif Kirkgaard who won the A Flight from Walter Baechli with 40 points.  Takeshi Hakozaki finished third on 38 points and in a three-way count back for fourth & fifth places on 35 points Tony Berry (17 point back nine) shaded Mike Allidi (15 point back nine) with Maurice Herbergs just missing out.

B Flight was decided by another three-way count back with Elias Magnusson (22 point back nine) taking first spot from J C Lhoste (20 point back nine) and in third place was Susanne Gaarde (20 point back nine), all three on 40 points.  A count back for fourth & fifth saw Svend Gaarde (20 point back nine) edge out Dave Richardson (19 point back nine), both having 37 points.

It was interesting to note that the A flight winner was 72 years old and the B Flight winner was aged 71 – that’s what Pattaya does for you!

A Flight (0-19)

1st Leif Kirkgaard (19) 41pts

2nd Walter Baechli (17) 40pts

3rd Takeshi Hakozaki (15) 38pts

4th Tony Berry (9) 35pts

5th Mike Allidi (1) 35pts

B Flight (20+)

1st Elias Magnusson (20) 40pts

2nd J C Lhoste (24) 40pts

3rd Susanne Gaarde (29) 40pts

4th Svend Gaarde (27) 37pts

5th Dave Richardson (26) 37pts

Near Pins:  5th Leif Kirkgaard; 8th Ernst Hansen; 13th Svend Gaarde (Hole in One); 17th Walter Baechli

Long Putts:  9th Jorn Hansen; 18th Paul Cardwell

The Compass Cap was won by Paul Sharples and big Kenny Bernek took Deefa the Dog around for a walk, collecting many donations from the generous Café Kronborg crew.