Hanson returns in fine form


IPGC Golf from The Tara Court Golf Group

Sunday, Feb. 15, Green Valley – Stableford

We were back at our usual spot today, Green Valley, for a very enjoyable round of golf.  Play was quick with no holdups, which made it even better and the temperature not too hot also. 

John Deardon was the man of the match, winning B flight with thirty eight points and by a very comfortable margin of six points from Brendan Roddy.  Joe Peters was third with thirty one, keeping Gilbert Brosnan out of the prizes for the second time on a count back.

Shaun Merriman.Shaun Merriman.

Shaun Merriman was the victor in A flight with thirty six points, beating Russell Goldsworthy on a count back while Alan Costello took third with thirty five.

There were no ‘2’s recorded.

A Flight

1st Shaun Merriman (10) 36pts

2nd Russell Goldsworthy (3) 36pts

3rd Alan Costello (12) 35pts

B Flight

1st John Dearden (19) 38pts

2nd Brendan Roddy (23) 32pts

3rd Joe Peters (20) 31pts

Tuesday, Feb. 17, Patttana – Stableford

We were at Pattana on Tuesday, where we played the C and A nines.  The course was in excellent condition and as it provides a great challenge of golf we are going to be making it a regular fixture on our list.

Robert Hanson, who hadn’t played with us for a long time rejoined us today.  The last time he played with us his handicap was seventeen but before we started he told us that his golf had improved very much and volunteered to reduce his handicap to twelve.  A very honorable thing to do and he proved that it was no problem for him as he brought in the best score of the day with thirty nine points.

John Dearden.John Dearden.

In second place was William Bishop with thirty five points, third went to Joe Cuddy, who has had a very successful trip this year, with thirty four, and a further point back in fourth was Declan Kelly.

Joe McArdle had the only ‘2’ of the day.

1st Robert Hanson (12) 39pts

2nd William Bishop (16) 35pts

3rd Joe Cuddy (21) 34pts

4th Declan Kelly (12) 33pts

Thursday, Feb. 19, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Thursday we went to Khao Kheow where at first it was a beautiful day for golf.  However, after a few hours the rain came and we had to stop as there was also some thunder and lightning and the loud horn warned everyone to get off the course.  We waited for over an hour for the rain to stop and while some of us restarted the rest waited for the fog horn to go off again to let them know that it was permitted to play again.  When it didn’t go off they abandoned the game and went back to the clubhouse where they all got rain checks.

Because more than fifty per cent of the field gave up we decided to abandon the competition which was bad luck for John Kelly who was one of the ones who finished out and also came in with what would have been the winning score if there had been a comp.  Hard luck John!

Note: The Tara Court Golf Group play every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, leaving O’Gara’s Bar and Restaurant in the Tara Court on Pratamnak  Rd. around 10.00 a.m.  Sign up either in O’Gara’s or ring Joe on 089 249 1364.