The Colonel’s secret recipe


PSC golf from The Growling Swan

Monday, Feb. 16, Greenwood – Stableford

Our destination for the 21 ‘Growlers’ on Monday was Greenwood, a fantastic course where one should be careful in pushing one’s luck.  We played the B & C nines, with count-backs required on C nine.  The true, though slick greens and many deep fairway bunkers continue to make this course pleasurable, though very challenging.  The weather conditions were noticeably more humid and perhaps a sign that the change of seasons is upon us.

Geri Crilli hacked his way around the course with gay abandon, however Ebrahim was all smiles and turned around his recent bad form.

Alan ‘The Colonel’ Sanders.Alan ‘The Colonel’ Sanders.

Alan “The Colonel” Sanders was the surprise packet, whilst most struggled in vain, the ‘Colonel’ flourished and his golf game was like trying to find fault with Miss Venezuela.  He powered to a convincing win with 39 points whilst Jim Groves was the only other to play to his handicap.  Count-backs were required to sort the chasing pack and Rob Heath and Colm Mullen snuck onto the podium.

Rita completed a surprising form reversal and accepted the Compass Cap with dignity and grace.

1st Alan Sanders (25) 39pts

2nd Jim Groves (13) 36pts

3rd Kevin Waycott (10) 35pts

4th Rob Heath (36) 35pts

5th Colm Mullen (17) 35 pts

Near Pins:  B2 Peter Longworth, B5 Jim Groves, C3 Sandy Leiper, C6 Rob Heath

Long Putts: 18th Geri Crilly

Thursday, Feb. 19, The Emerald – Stableford

Two buses were loaded and left the Growling Swan a little earlier than the scheduled 8.30 am departure time, which was quite a surprise for this outfit of keen golfers.

Welcomes were given to Russell Calcutt coming out of retirement, Andrew Allen fresh from digging up funds from his backyard in Melbourne, and Beau Roberts and Mark Pearson from Victoria, Australia.  Glen Henrikson from Barrow Island off Western Australia was also given a warm hello.

The weather was quite invigorating and under cloudy skies a nice breeze throughout the day intensified to about 30 knots as a distant storm was wending its way toward our position.

The first group completed their round in four hours and ten minutes managing to finish just seconds before the rain pelted down whilst all those behind got wet.

Sandy Leiper (left) with Beau Roberts.Sandy Leiper (left) with Beau Roberts.

Perhaps the rain contributed to the lower than average scores or maybe just about everyone was suffering from a late night.   This track is challenging so for whatever reason the condition of the course could not be blamed.

Sandy Leiper was one happy bloke when he learned his thirty five points won the day.  Gary Monley finished one point behind, beating Ian Masterson into second spot on a count back, whilst Geri Crilli was fourth with thirty two and Mark Pearson snuck into fifth spot with thirty one.

1st Sandy Leiper (28) 35pts

2nd Gary Monley (27) 34pts

3rd Ian Masterson (34) 34pts

4th Geri Crilli (26) 32pts

5th Mark Pearson (14) 31pts

Near Pins: 5th Paul Hack, 7th Mark Pearson, 13th Peter Longworth, 15th Andrew Allen

Long Putts:  9th Bear Wilkes, 18th Glen Henrickson

Our host Peter Grey presented the low score Compass Cap to Beau Roberts for making most use of the course.  Beau accepted the award in good grace and despite the look on his face in the photo kindly donated some funds to Deefa the charity dog as his penance and won a new ball as a consolation.

Note: The GS is a friendly golf outlet and caters for and encourages all golfers male or female to have a hit at any of our weekly outings.  We play at one of the many fine golf courses in and around Pattaya.  Please contact Peter Grey if you are interested on 0861 503086.