Hal Hart grabs a pair of 38’s


IPGC golf from The Haven

Monday, January 9, Greenwood – Stableford


1st Hal Hart (26) 38pts

2nd Brian Lewis (20) 36pts

3rd Vance Millar (17) 33pts

4th Wilf Wellman (25) 32pts

5th Alan Hanlon (12) 30pts

As is usual at this time of year, the A and C courses at Greenwood were in excellent condition and with the course not very busy it made for a very good days golf, with the only small gripe being the charging of 600 baht for a golf cart with a restriction of one golfer per cart, making it not so inexpensive for the non-walkers but this seems an almost churlish complaint with the green fee and caddy cost at just 800 baht.

Hal Hart came to the front after a couple of dry weeks with a very good return of two under handicap, which was enough to ensure his first win out of The Haven by two clear shots.

Bob Lamond.Bob Lamond.

Brian Lewis, having warmed up in other venues, found the competition slightly easier with the Soi 13 boys and girls as a level par round was sufficient to lay claim to second spot ahead of Vance Millar by three.

Wilf Wellman, having taken on the onerous duties of competition course manager and general organizer with great relish in Trevor’s absence, found he was still alert enough to take fourth place two in front of Alan Hanlon, but complained of severe mental fatigue on his return to thebar at the end of the day and claimed that it was the extra responsibilities that had ruined his chances of the top honours.

There were no 2’s in either of the divisions.

Wednesday,January 11,Crystal Bay – Stableford

CSS 72

1st Mike Hill (25) 38pts

2nd Bruce Kusyk (13) 36pts

3rd Barry Wellings (5) 35pts

4th Brian Libbey (9) 34pts

5th Al Rolnik (18) 34pts

Returning to the A and B courses at Crystal Bay was the second good experience of the week as the course was also in very nice condition with the greens beginning to return to their old speed and flatness.

Hal Hart.Hal Hart.

The green fee and caddy fee is also quite reasonable at 990 baht for walkers and at an exceptional value of 1,290 for a single usage cart golfer.

It has been a while since Mike Hill won his last competition but on the day he took to the wide open fairways with gusto to record his best round for a year and a record points total in Thailand, and take the win that was even more satisfying when he took the money off his playing partner Rodney into the bargain.

Bruce Kusyk returned to play after a break from playing any serious golf whilst awaiting the migration from Canada by his regular golfing buddies, and claimed second place with a solid performance at level handicap.

Barry Wellings was not quite able to capitalize on his prodigious distance off the tees but did just enough to take third ahead of a count back between Brian Libbey and Al Rolnik, which Brian won with a better 18 to 17 to take fourth spot on the podium.

After a few misses both of the 2’s pools were won, the first division by Kevin Townsend and the second by Rod Howett.

Prior to the presentations Bruce Kusyk and Leif and Torild Lossius were welcomed back.

Friday, January 13, Treasure Hill – Stableford

CSS 70

Division 1 (0-15)

1st Bob Lamond (6) 41

2nd Alan Hanlon (12) 39

3rd Kevin Townsend (11) 37

Division 2 (16+)

1st Torild Lossius (36) 38pts

2nd Hal Hart (26) 38pts

3rd Dave Thompson (19) 35pts

A much larger group set off up the 331 to Treasure Hill, which is now well within a forty five minute drive, and on arrival were very happy to find that for the third time in the week the caddy/green fee rate was under a 1,000 baht, making it a very reasonable week’s golf for the high season on three very well maintained courses.

With sufficient numbers to make two divisions and the cut coming at the standard 15 and below, the field set off from the yellow tees, which for once were playing to the shorter length of the card which made for some excellent scores and ensured that the CSS for the day was reduced to 70.

In the first division Bob Lamond came right back into form with a stunning 73 gross that spread-eagled the competition and took first place, and even though Alan Hanlon got within two for second place it was still a remarkable round over one of the more difficult layouts in the area.  Kevin Townsend also played well but had to settle for third with a one under handicap return.

In the second division Torild Lossius won her first competition in Thailand with a solid round of two under handicap and with very few mistakes well deserved to take the top step by count back from one of her playing partners, Hal Hart, who returned his second 38 point haul in the week.  Dave Thompson rounded out the division’s winners in his last game in Thailand for a while as he returned to the UK that same evening.

To add to her success Torild Lossius slipped in the only 2 in the second division which helped tremendously towards her win as it also netted her 5 points whilst Rodney Hayes and Bob Lamond shared the first division, Bob’s being particularly noteworthy as he achieved it on the second hole.

Before presenting the prizes, Stephen Beard welcomed back Frithjof and Marianne Kayser.

Note. If you would like to play with The Haven group, you can contact mobile 082 219 0965 or call in to The Haven Hotel, at 185 Soi 13, between Beach Road and 2nd Road.  All transportation to the course is arranged and you do not need to sign up prior to the day, but you should be there by 8.30 on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and 9.00am on Sundays on the days you wish to play.  A schedule of courses to be played can be found on our web site at www.thehaven-hotel.com.


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