Habgood in hot form at Eastern Star


PSC golf from The Bunker Bar

Monday, Jan. 31, Khaow Kheow – Stableford

We arrived at Khaow Kheow to find that the first day of the Honda LPGA qualifying competition was being held there, but the ladies had already set off on a different nine.  We had no problems or delays and the field of 30 golfers set off to play the C and A nines at our scheduled tee time.  The pace of the round was slow, however, due to several slow groups ahead of us.

The condition of the course was good, although the greens on the inward nine had been prepared for the LPGA competition, and were considerably faster than those on the outward nine, a fact that tripped up several unwary golfers.  No golfer bettered their handicap on the day and the best score was carded by Frank Waterhouse (Paco) with 35 points, beating John Hughes on a count-back to win the B Flight.  Peter Kelly took the honours in the A Flight with 34 points.

January ‘golfer of the month’ Tom Jones (right) celebrates with JJ Harney. January ‘golfer of the month’ Tom Jones (right) celebrates with JJ Harney.

Tom Jones had a steady round to hold off potential challengers and take the ‘Golfer of the Month’ title for the first time since playing at the Bunker.

A Flight

1st Peter Kelly (9) 34pts

2nd Tony Scambler (9) 32pts

3rd Bill Wilkinson (9) 32pts

B Flight

1st Frank Waterhouse (17) 35pts

2nd John Hughes (16) 35pts

3rd Neil Griffin (28) 33pts

Near Pins:  Geoff Cox, Paul Edgar and Paco (2).

Wednesday, Feb. 2, Eastern Star – Stableford

A field of 28 golfers (nice to have no 3-balls for a change) set off from the Bunker Bar to play Eastern Star.  The course was generally in good condition, although the inconsistent greens have always been a problem here.  The round progressed smoothly and there were no holdups, which was a pleasant change from the last few weeks.

The star of the day was Peter Habgood, who kept his temper, and produced his best round for some considerable time, to win the B Flight on 40 points.  Mashi Kaneta also made a welcome return to form to win the A Flight with 37 points.

A Flight

1st Mashi Kaneta (12) 37pts

2nd Patrick Kelly (3) 34pts

3rd Mark Stanley (11) 33pts

B Flight

1st Peter Habgood (17) 40pts

2nd Frank Waterhouse (17) 37pts

3rd Reg Smart (23) 32pts

Near Pins:  Mike Corner, Paul Edgar, Dave Ashman and Mark Stanley.

Friday, Feb. 4, Greenwood – Stableford

On our previous few visits to Greenwood we’ve played the C nine, which certainly ranks as the toughest course here, but today several of the higher handicap golfers expressed their relief that we were allocated to play the B and A courses.

The starters here seem to have a habit of squeezing in extra groups, and although the course was relatively quiet, we arrived at the tenth tee to find 3 groups waiting to tee off.  Other than that the day went smoothly, and the course was in its usual good condition.

Ken Young produced the best score of the day with 38 points to record his maiden win (after many games) at the Bunker.

A Flight

1st Tony Robbins (13) 35pts

2nd Patrick Kelly (+2) 35pts

3rd Peter Habgood (17) 32pts

B Flight

1st Ken Young (28) 38pts

2nd Geoff Parker (18) 35pts

3rd Mike Corner (18) 33pts

Near Pins:  Barry Murnin, Geoff Cox, Mike Corner, and PJ Redmond