Every dog has his day


PSC golf from Tropical Berts

Tuesday, Feb. 1, Greenwood – Stableford

So off we went to Greenwood, we always like this course and make sure we go there once a month.  These days the trip up there is quite pleasant, the roads are now well connected and there are many ways there so that you can go a different way every time.  In fact I think we all went one way and split on the return journey.

Greenwood is in good condition at the moment and the test for the day was to be the A & B nines.  We started on the A nine and straight away knew the day was going to be really difficult as the wind was blasting at us.  So we went off the ‘less brave’ tees, the yellow, and tried to make the day much more relaxed.

Tuesday’s winners and runners up with one of Bert’s ‘finest’.  Keith is the one with the biggest smile. Tuesday’s winners and runners up with one of Bert’s ‘finest’.  Keith is the one with the biggest smile.

Onto the course we found it relatively quiet and were soon on our way.  The strong wind caused problems all the way around and the first three holes were directly into it.  The second hole, a par 3, was really difficult and most players took a wood (one tee back and I reckon even the best players would need a driver).  Still we battled on and in some places the fairways were protected by the trees and it was quite pleasant.  Speaking of the fairways, they were in good condition and the greens were fast and tricky.  All in all a fine day out in the peace of the countryside.

The restaurant outside is a good place to sit and the food quite good and well priced.  We were soon into cars and on our ways back to Bert’s  .

Everyone  has their 10 minutes of fame, so they say, and as the results came in it became obvious that we had one player who has played with us for some years and never yet won, in fact in all those years one second last month was the best result he has ever had, and 32 points the most points, had had a day to remember.  Could he do it this time?

In the A Flight, 0 to 17, the winner with 39 points was Tony Scamber, with Rob Brown second on 36 points.  In third we had a count-back with 4 players on 35 points, but Brian Parrish had the best back nine and was thus third.

Now the ‘Every dog has his day’ bit: with his best ever round with us, by many shots, after years of trying, the winner of the B Flight with 39 points was Keith Phillips.  Mashi was so surprised he double checked the card for mistakes and finally had to agree he couldn’t find any.  After a stunned silence, all were full of praise for Keith who has stuck at it for years and finally triumphed.

In second was Dick Warberg with 36 points ahead of a count-back of 5 players on 34 points that saw jack Robertson in third.

The presentation over, Keith went straight up and ‘Rang the Bell’ on the basis that he has never had the chance before and he probably will not again.  Mind we are still awaiting the result of the blood test.  Nice one Keith.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Rita Zoebelli, Tony Scambler, Brian Parrish (2).

Long Putt:  Ernst Goethe, John Marritt