Gabe win sparks 60th birthday celebrations


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, Nov. 19, Green Valley – Stableford

So we are into the High Season and at this time of the year things tend to change.  Usually the top courses tend to go out of the general price range and we start to play some of the more realistic ones.  In fact over the years some of the top courses have gone into a mode that is beyond the understanding of mere mortals. Some have gone for good and recently one which really does not belong in the top strata.

But on this day we were due to play Green Valley, which seemingly has decided to offer a decent green fee in an effort to pack the course.  And this is a good layout that all look forward to playing.  The policy is a good one as I am sure the golfers will support the course.  Well I was until we stood on the first tee.  Even the second tee.  And certainly the par 3’s!

Brian Gabe and Bob Watson.Brian Gabe and Bob Watson.

The book-in here is quick and we were soon onto the first tee, along with many others.  The course in their wisdom had reduced the tee-offs to 6 minutes intervals, and as anyone who plays golf knows, that is tight.

So we were, of course, off late and the starter was pushing players off as fast as he could.  This was OK until we got to the second tee, where at one time we had three groups and we knew we were in for a long afternoon.  One of the things here is that you do not lose your temper; it is a total waste of time so we soldiered on.

The course was in good condition and we had plenty of time to admire it on the way around, so I expected some good scores, only tempered by a strong wind.  It was a good day despite the course marshals trying to chase players along with nowhere to go.  Still, there are worse ways to pass a day.

Back late at Bert’s the results were announced and the winner with 37 points was Brian Gabe on count back over Bob Watson in second.  In third was Brian Parish with 36 points and then we had Tom Herrington taking fourth on 35 points.

To finish the night Brian Gabe rang the bell.  Now winners often buy a drink but as Brian said, ‘You are not 60 every day’ so we wish him all the best on reaching this milestone.  Happy Birthday Brian!

Near Pins:  Dick Warberg, Bob Watson, Brian Parish (2)

Friday, November 22, Greenwood – Stableford

A good group went away to this course which, whilst not the closest, is usually a straight forward drive there, and so it was on this day.  Once there it was a quick book in and off to the first tee.

Barry Oars and Tom Herrington.Barry Oars and Tom Herrington.

The course was in fine condition, what more can one say, if you know Greenwood then you know how it was.  We played the B & C Nines and it is worth a drive out here to play a course that is a relaxing walk around and a good test of golf.  The weather was fine as well.

So round over it back to Bert’s and Dick could get on with the results.  The winner with 37 points was Barry Oars on count back over Tom Herrington in second.  In third was Steve Hamstad with 34 points ahead of Don Carmody in fourth with 33 points, and Dick Warberg in fifth with 32.  It does seem Tom Herrington is having a really hard time losing so many count backs, we all feel really sad about it!  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Landis Brooks, Max Scott, Mick Coghlan