Brehm makes short work of Green Valley


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Monday, Nov. 18, The Emerald – Stableford

Div.1 (0-13)

1st Fergus Brennan (12) 39pts

2nd Tristan Gilbert (9) 36pts

Ben Durham (10) 35pts

Div.2 (14+)

1st Jack Macnamara (19) 39pts

David Booth (14) 38pts

Dorsey Richardson (17) 34pts

David Booth.David Booth.

Loi Krathong, the Thai light festival when the night sky is full of burning lanterns, passed off on Sunday 17th November and on Monday 18th November a couple of TRGG golfers were obviously enthused by what they had seen and set about lighting up the Emerald Golf Course, setting it ablaze with some spectacular scoring.

Or maybe as they are both of Irish extraction, playing at the Emerald was all the inspiration they needed?  Anyway for Fergus Brennan (Div 1 winner) and Jack Macnamara (Div 2 winner) it turned out to be a very good day as they both rattled up 39 pts each and left the opposition trailing in their wake.

Tuesday, Nov. 19, Green Valley – Stableford

Div.1 (0-15)

1st David Booth (14) 37pts

2nd Ted Senior (15) 37pts

3rd Tom Byrne (14) 36pts

Div.2 (16+)

1st Ken Brehm (19) 40pts

2nd Tim Dalton (19) 37pts

3rd Rungratree Chotkasems (18) 36pts

On Tuesday it was off to our now regular Tuesday venue at Green Valley and more good scoring was needed to come out on top of each division.

Ken Brehm.Ken Brehm.

David Booth maintained his fine play of the previous day and not only went one better in his finishing position but also found he had been promoted to the first division as the split was at 15/16 handicap.  He beat new father Ted Senior on count back.  Well done David – not bad for an old fella.

My old sparring partner Ken Brehm returned the best score of the day to win Division 2 with 40 pts and at this rate he will be getting promoted soon as well.

Thursday, Nov. 21, Treasure Hill – Stableford

Div 1(0-15)

1st Brian Beaupreh (5) 35pts

2nd Ian Bell (6) 33pts

3rd Ed Brubaker (14) 32pts

Div 2 (16+)

1st Paul McKay (24) 31pts

2nd Jack Macnamara (18) 28pts

3rd Dorsey Richardson (17) 26pts

Thursday and it was off to Treasure Hill, probably the most difficult course of the week and the final scoring showed it has not lost any of its bite.

Paul Stanton.Paul Stanton.

In Division 1 Brian Beaupreh shot the best round of the day with 35 pts and the rest of the scores were nothing to write home about.

Saturday, Nov. 23, Crystal Bay – Stableford

1st Paul Stanton (13) 37pts

2nd Neil Bramley (10) 36pts

3rd Paul Mckay (24) 35pts

The golfing week was rounded off on Saturday with a visit to Crystal Bay (C and B courses) and we were back down to one division.

Paul Stanton showed he is completely recovered from his back problems with yet another win and Neil Bramley ran him close but had to settle for second place.  Paul Mckay, who always has a smile on his face, took third spot.

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week!