From one extreme to the other


PSC golf from Mulligans Lakeside

Tuesday, June 19, Rayong Country Club – Stableford

The course here could not be described as good or well cared for, not by any stretch of the imagination, but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for” so no real complaints.  We played front 9 back 9 and overall winner with no NTP’s.

The front 9 was won by Owen Walkley (12) with an impressive 21 points.  The back 9 went to Brian Maddox (20) with 15 and the overall saw Owen again finishing top with 35.  Just can’t keep him off the top spot (come back Jeff all is forgiven!)

Thursday, June 21, Phoenix – Stableford

At the other end of the scale from Rayong C.C. we have the impressive Phoenix Golf Course in excellent condition, well cared for and good value for money on sports day.  We played Ocean and Lakes, only a friendly game today and a few hold ups on the way round due to a few groups in front playing very slow at times.  I wont mention any nationalities as most can guess.

Welcome back to one of our regulars Phil Waite on one of his return trips from Australia.  Hope to see more of our regulars returning soon and new faces always welcome.  Call 082 475 1307 for enquires or bookings.