Frank Grainger best of the week with 39pts

(L to R) Frank Grainger, John Carlin and Dave Edwards.
(L to R) Frank Grainger, John Carlin and Dave Edwards.

Monday 2nd December Mountain Shadow Stableford

Our first visit here for some time due to the renovation of the course and we have two groups out with the cut at 8-15 and 16+. Some very slick greens and wicked pin placings.

31 points is the best score of the day with Dave Howden winning division 2, John Carlin is second on 29, Frank Grainger third on 28. In fourth place, Louis Wong and Paul Young lose out on a 14/12/9 countback to Darryl Burkett after they all score 26 points.

There are two rollovers in the twos in division 1 and Dennis Scougall and Pete Sumner both birdie the 5th. In division 2 one rollover to Parichat on Wednesday.

Near pins: Dave Boran, Marc Brunner and Dennis Scougall in division 1 and in division 2 only Dave Howden.

Wednesday 4th December Parichat Stableford

An identical cut as of Monday in the two divisions and some slightly higher scores in, which was surprising due to the horrendous strong wind blowing throughout the round.

Frank Grainger wins division 2 with 39, John Carlin second on 35 and Paul Young third with 33.

Andres Holder with 33 wins division 1, Dennis Scougall second on 30 and Dave Edwards comes in third with 29 points.

Near pins: Div. 1 Bob Comartin, Dave Edwards (2) and Pete Sumner.

Div. 2 Alan Bissell (2), Gil Phillips and Louis Wong.

Three twos in division 1: Bob Comartin on the 6th and Dave Edwards on 11th and 14th and in division 2 John Carlin birdied the second.

Friday 6th December Eastern Star Stableford

There were eight groups out on Friday so three divisions come in to play with the equal cut at 7 – 16.1, 16.2 – 22 and 23+. Another strong wind coming off the coast. The greens are even slicker than last week and this is reflected in the scores.

34 points is the best score of the day with Steve Godfrey winning division 1, Per Forsberg beat Nik Evans on an 18/14 countback after two 33s come in and Ron Lavett is fourth with 30.

In division 2 Frank Kelly with a 19/17 countback beat John Carlin after they both score 34. Tony Thorne finishes third on 32 and Colin Aspinall beat Glen Loydall to take fourth place with a 17/16 countback after two scores of 28 came in.

Eugine Maguire was the winner in division 3 with 32 points. Dave Howden came in second one point behind, with Max Wilson third on 29 and John Dawson fourth on 27.

Near pins: Div. 1 Nik Evans, Per Forsberg, Andres Holder and Ron Lavett.

Div. 2 Colin Aspinall, John Dawson and Curtis Hessler.

No two’s in either division so a rollover in division 1 and a double in division 2 to next Friday.