Emerson etches his name on the trophy – and earns a cut


PSC golf from The Three Sisters Bar

The Three Sisters group again got their early start at Pattaya Country Club on Wednesday November 17.  The weather was again perfect as it seems that the winter months have arrived.

Long hitting Larry Emerson took advantage of the dry conditions and shot 38 points to win the day.  Coming in a distant second was Richard Hall with 33 points and the rest of the field trailed away a point at a time – Herb Ishinaga with 32, Paul Kraft with 31 and ‘Big’ Gary in from the States with 30 with others going lower.

Larry Emerson, left, with runner-up Sus Ige.Larry Emerson, left, with runner-up Sus Ige.

One week later, November 24, the Three Sisters end of the month tournament rolled around and the competition started close on the front nine but Larry Emerson pulled away on the back nine.  His long drives and putting put him in the winner’s circle once more after he came in with 40 points.  He has been winning more than his share of late and will be cut off at the ankles as keeps turning in good scores.

Coming in with a respectful 38 points for second was Sus Ige who is always near the top and vying for the trophy.  As usual, all the monthly winners will have their names put on the trophy at the end of the year.  This is the third time Larry has won this year.

The rest of the field didn’t do so well.  Dale Murphy struggled with 34 points, followed by Herb Ishinaga with 33.  With good weather conditions the scores were expected to be good but the dew on the greens made it tough to putt well.

At this time I would like to thank Paul Donahue for writing our articles for the past couple of years.  He is now sidelined with personal problems and hope he joins us again shortly.  He will be sorely missed until his return.