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Monday, December 26, Khao Kheow B & C – Stableford

This was Boxing Day and what better way to spend the day than a round of golf, just to make all you Brits back at home, a little jealous.  Surprisingly, in what was otherwise a splendid day, it was cold for Thailand early on (less than 20 deg) and very windy making club choice extremely difficult.

There were 20 Outbackers playing the B & C nines on what was an almost deserted course and playing amongst the regulars was pro James Sheffield, who is here once again to have a shot at winning a slot on the Asian tour, down in Hua Hin next month.  So good luck to you James from all of us here at the Outback!

Tuesday winners Dave Earthrowl (left) and Dennis ‘the Turnip’ (right) with Capt’ Bob.Tuesday winners Dave Earthrowl (left) and Dennis ‘the Turnip’ (right) with Capt’ Bob.

Dennis Pelly took the first division with another very steady performance (36pts) from Bobby Driggs (35) and James (off +2) beating Paul Greenaway on count back, both on 33.

The second stream boys fared less well as Bob Lindborg managed to win it with 33 points after having had about 4 points after four holes.  He won it from Andy Makara on count back and Paul Sharples (30pts) beat the General, also on count back, even though neither of them could putt!

There were three ‘2’s from Paul Greenaway & Ron Dickie (hole B3) and Mike Bender on hole C8.

Div A (+2–14)

1st Dennis Pelly (11/Hi10.8) 36pts

2nd Bobby Driggs (14/Hi13.5) 35pts

3rd James Sheffield (+2) 33pts

Div B (15+)

1st Bob Lindborg (20/Hi19.2) 33pts

2nd Andy Makara (28/Hi26.1) 33pts

3rd Paul Sharples (15/Hi13.8) 30pts

Tuesday, December 27, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

So Christmas is over and it was time for an Outback ‘Fun Day’, which for many began with an Outback breakfast and the usual warm greeting from Capt Bob.  After that it was to understand the rules and find a calculator!

Third place on Tuesday went to Doug (left) and Alan.Third place on Tuesday went to Doug (left) and Alan.

Pairs stableford, rainbow, (6 tees each red, white and blue – ladies 12 white 6 red) – multiplier – (remembering the 3 x 0 = 0!) Joker on each nine – worth double points plus one nominated net par!

Extra rule!  The word ‘sorry’ is not permitted, please use ‘whoops’ or some such similar word a little stronger perhaps.

So off we go to be welcomed by all at Pattaya Country Club with the usual efficient booking in.  There were 34 players today (no shows in this format never helps) – should have been 36 – including three caddies from Burapha playing with their usual regular Outback bosses – with some success!

Fourth place - Bob and the lovely Rak.Fourth place – Bob and the lovely Rak.

General Jack, who went out in the first group playing with Bob Pearce was surprised when their playing opponents and course specialists, Dennis Persson and Dave Earthrowl, both declared their jokers on the usually tough first hole, made considerably easier from the red!  Well what a smart move, as Dave with two shots, parred it for 4 points and the Turnip bogeyed it for 2 points, when doubled up all round, they had 32 points in the bag, what a start.

The cards were collected from the usual ‘goldfish bowl’ in the clubhouse and with the help of Chad, the regular Tuesday host, Jack and he collated the results and we must congratulate everybody on the surprised clarity of the score marking, making the job considerably easier than expected.

It was then back to the Outback to continue with the ‘fun’ where the staff provided an excellent buffet catering for both Thais and Europeans, but not before a few bevvies were downed thus loosening the tongues of some of the girls for a little Thai karaoke.

We all know that caddies play an integral in the golfing community – that fact is not forgotten by The Outback and today there were fifteen regular caddies from PCC as well caddy-master Hewie, who were joined later by another eight or so from Old Siam and of course, the three from Burapha who took part in the competition.

Prior to the presentation, regular Outback MC, Nigel Cannon on behalf of all, thanked Capt’ Bob and General Jack for organising another great fun day, although Jack was heard to say, that the format would be different next year and much less taxing on the brain and he (Nigel) went on to welcome all, including all the caddies plus a number of friends who had dropped by.

After that Capt’ Bob announced the winning teams in reverse order: fourth were Bob Lindborg and his Burapha caddy, Rak, with 91 points – interesting to note that Rak has only been playing golf for three months!

Third were Alan Pearce and Doug Chalkley with 95 points and good to see Alan back at the Outback after some months absence and out there playing golf again, even though his handicap may have gone up a few points.

Second place went to the Irish/Scottish combination of Neil Lavery and Scotty Qua with 101 points who also celebrated a resounding victory over Chad & Capt’ Bob, which was quickly predictable as Capt’ Bob four-putted the first hole.  In a valiant attempt to gain some respectability about the thrashing they received, Chad played his joker on the index one, 14th, only to watch Bob knock his first drive O/B and the provisional in the hazard.

That left the crafty team of David Earthrowl and Dennis (the Turnip) Persson with a staggering 108 points – proving that their carefully planned strategy had paid off handsomely as they provided a copy of their game-plan to the General.

The four near pins went to: Nut – another Burapha Caddy, Keith Allen, Dennis Persson and JingJo O’Neill, all winning 500 baht Outback vouchers and the prize for the best score on a single hole had to be split between the two teams of Bob Linborg/Rak and Neil Lavery/Scotty Qua who both had a ‘36pts’

Wednesday, December 28, Burapha – Stableford

Good steady scoring amongst many of the 29 Outbackers playing the A & B nines here at Burapha today.  John Locke fired the best score of the day with 39 points to win Div B by five shots from Bob Lindborg and Ivan Plunkett both on 34.

Welcome back to the Outback, Messrs Pilkington, Grimoldy, Priddy & Land and well played Alan, who topped Div A with 37 points, beating Bob St. Aubin on count back from a whole host of players all with 36 points, which included Neil Lavery, Brian O’Connor, Raji and Robert Hodsen.  Just to underline how solid the scoring was out there, there was another four players on 35 points.

We will be switching Burapha back to Mondays from 9th Jan in conjunction with Khao Kheow that will also remain on Mondays.  The formats will vary however, with a 4BBB game being played provided the numbers are even.  Wednesdays will revert to a selection of courses starting at Emerald (11th Jan) and we are to reintroduce Thursdays, starting at Eastern Star on 5th January.

There was only one ‘2’ today from Fred Land on the third hole (A3).

Div A (0-16)

1st Alan Pilkington (10/Hi8) 37pts

2nd Bob St. Aubin (16/Hi12.9) 37pts

3rd Neil Lavery (16/Hi12.7) 36pts

Div B (17+)

1st John Locke (17/Hi14) 39pts

2nd Bob Lindborg (23/Hi19.2) 34pts

3rd Ivan Plunkett (25/Hi20.6) 34pts

Friday, December 30, Green Valley – Stableford

There’s little point in having marshals on a course if they are only interested in looking for lost golf balls rather than assist with the speed of play on a golf course.  At Green Valley today it was reported that there was a three-ball playing from the tips, that shouldn’t even have been playing from the reds; this is grossly unfair Mr Green Valley to your playing customers, that you can allow one group to be so totally selfish and ruin the day for others!  We had 38 players out there, whose support you may want when the low season comes, well, you’re hardly going about it the right way and you can expect some strong comments from us as well as the chairman of golf at the PSC!

Paul Greenaway, who is normally the first to complain about slow play, managed to keep his head together, probably as a result of catching up with the news from his good friend Paul Bourke, who has just returned from Aus. (welcome back mate), to post the best score of the day of 38 points to win Div A.  Second was Mr Consistent himself, Dennis Pelly on 36.

The Project Manager has had some good results just recently, and today was no exception, as he scored a very creditable 37 points to win Div B from the PSC golf boss, Joe Mooneyham on 36 points, whose back nine not surprisingly, let him down after 22 on the front, but then Joe is another person who is strongly opposed to slow play.

Jason Gale has been playing out of the Outback for a while here now whilst on holiday but today he recorded his first win, scoring 36 points in Div C ahead of Jinjo O’Neill in second on 35.

Finally and some consolation for you Joe, you scored the only ‘2’ of the day!

Div A (0-10)

1st Paul Greenaway (8/Hi8.7) 38pts

2nd Dennis Pelly (10/Hi10.6) 36pts

3rd Owen Walkley (9/Hi9.5) 33pts

Div B (11-18)

1st Neil Lavery (12/Hi12.7) 37pts

2nd Joe Mooneyham (15) 36pts

3rd Mark Riggall (13/Hi13.7) 33pts

Div C (19+)

1st Jason Gale (22/Hi21.2) 36pts

2nd Martin O’Neill (27/Hi25.7) 35pts

3rd Ed Horrocks (24/Hi23) 35pts