Mashi makes it another month on top


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, December 27, Khao Kheow – Stableford

This being ‘The MBMG Golfer of the Month’ day, we will get the result out of the way by declaring that at the end of the day winner was Mashi Kaneta.  Now I usually let the suspense build up to the end, but I tried to do it that way and it usually ends with Mashi coming in ahead of the field.  So that is out of the way.  Mind, it did get quite tight at the end despite Mashi having a great day and in the end he only won by a measly one point, but as they say an inch is as good as a mile.

The day started as usual but with an overfull start list we had to get all organised and get to K.K. early as we had extra players and needed to get there early and slip in an odd group, so we did and were able to get off early.  Good old K.K.  However, it was behind a packed field and the odd five-ball.

Tuesday’s flight winners Alan Sullivan and Carole Kubicki with one of Bert’s ‘finest’.Tuesday’s flight winners Alan Sullivan and Carole Kubicki with one of Bert’s ‘finest’.

It was of course windy and we were playing the B & C Nines, so with a packed field we had time to smell the roses, at least with the front nine, then the group ahead of us got fed up with waiting and dropped out and from then on we seemed to zoom along.  The course itself is now drying up so the ball gets plenty of run, however with the ground getting more arid it is getting harder and the rough is also drying out so it is not as penal.

What was obvious from the start was that Mashi was having one of his good days; he can be a nuisance at times, however straight down the middle the points were adding up and at halfway he had twenty two points so was flying.  He only had to stick at it, and he did so and with 40 points it seemed that nothing could stop him as this is a really tough track off the Yellow Tees.  Surely he was a shoo-in.

Back at Bert’s the players were tucking into Bert’s Golfers Special, and also happy hour, so it was a little time before the results could be called and the scores were excellent for this tough course.

Dick Warberg (left) presents the MBMG Golfer of the Month award to Mashi Kaneta.Dick Warberg (left) presents the MBMG Golfer of the Month award to Mashi Kaneta.

In the A Flight (0-18) the winner with 41 points was Alan Sullivan, with Mashi in second place with 40 points.  In third was Brian Parrish with 36 points and in fourth was John Roberts with 35 points.

In the B Flight the winner was Carole Kubicki with 38 points.  The Kubicki warning went out but we failed to stop the ‘Boss Kubicki’.  In second place was Dick Warberg with 37 points on count back ahead of Bernie Cairns in third.  In fourth was Graham Buckingham with 33 points.

So the MBMG Golfer of the Month was Mashi Kaneta, yes I know I said it already, but it could be worth a free beer.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Pat Murphy, John Hackett, Rob Brown, Derek Brook

Long Putts:  Frank Pilkington, Mike Gaussa


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