Charity the real winner at Baan Jing Jai Summer Scramble


Following the very successful Santa Scramble, the promised summer event was held at the Khao Kheow Country Club after the organizers were offered a very good deal by the management to help support the day.

After heavy and prolonged overnight rain the course was playing about as long as could be remembered by any of the participants with absolutely zero run from the tee shots.  But apart from the heavy conditions the course was as usual in excellent shape with even the rough having been cut down to a reasonable height in spite of difficulties with the weather.

Russell Exley tees-off at Khao Kheow during the 2011 Baan Jing Jai Summer Scramble. Russell Exley tees-off at Khao Kheow during the 2011 Baan Jing Jai Summer Scramble.

The competition got away exactly on time and the rounds proceeded at a brisk pace, considering the four person scramble format, with most team’s rounds being completed in less than four and a half hours.

As the day progressed the skies remained overcast with a slight wind ensuring everyone had a great day’s golf whether they were among the prize winners or not.

Division 1 winners.Division 1 winners.

With a maximum of five tee shots for each team member the system allowed all levels to compete in what is designed primarily to be a fun tournament which everyone can join and enjoy with the real winners being the charity.

The standard of scoring was exceptionally high under the conditions aforementioned with the divisions being split at 7.4 and below for the first division and 7.5 and above for the second division.

Stephen Beard (left) accepts a generous donation from Neil Sandilands for the Baan Jing Jai charity.Stephen Beard (left) accepts a generous donation from Neil Sandilands for the Baan Jing Jai charity.

The First Division was led in with a winning gross score of 64 followed by a gross 62 and third place went to another gross 64.  The difference between first and second being the size of the team handicap which had been set at 12.5 % of the total playing handicaps without a cap on the final handicap figure.

The winning team managed to record eight birdies with no bogeys and without a 5 on the card which was a fantastic effort with all of the team being involved on every hole and splitting the tee shots

The second team was even better at the gross level with one eagle, eight birdies and no bogeys splitting the tee shots, but they did have a 5 on the card.  The third team also had eight birdies and no bogeys split the tee.

Division 2 winners.Division 2 winners.

The Second Division was just as competitive with the net scoring even lower at a gross 68 for the winners, 75 for second place and 71 for third.

The winning team went out in four under gross but slipped slightly over the closing nine, as the requirements of the tee shots started to tell, coming home in level par and still good for the win which included four birdies and no bogeys.

Division 1 runners-up.Division 1 runners-up.

The second team also went out nicely recording a level par nine but faltered badly with a double bogey on the tenth and finished with a bogey having been restricted to the better of only two tee shots with one in the water.

The third team had a very tidy round which included no bogeys but only one birdie.

Division 1 third placed team.Division 1 third placed team.

After the rounds were completed the teams returned to The Haven where the usual fine buffet was provided which kept most of the players busy until the final analysis of the scores was completed and the prizes presented.

Whilst golf was the main attraction of the earlier part of the day, the concept was to use the tournament to focus on the raising of funds for the children of the Baan Jing Jai Orphanage which has some 80 children under its care and exists solely on the good will and donations of private individuals and charitable donations from organizations throughout the year.  This event was organized to raise funds to go towards the construction of a new home, for approximately 100 children, to be built on over four rai of land on the outskirts of Pattaya, the land already having been purchased for that purpose.

Division 2 runners-up.Division 2 runners-up.

Whilst there was not a hard and fast target for the day it had been hoped, having regard that the event was to be held in the middle of the low season, that somewhere around a hundred thousand baht could be raised.  In the event this figure was exceeded.

Division 2 third placed team.Division 2 third placed team.

Prior to the presentations there were special thanks to some of those who had assisted in setting up and organizing the day and or sold tickets for the lucky draw.  These included Russell Exley, and Len Jones on the golfing side and Jim Farmer and Don Benson who between them sold a large number of tickets for the prize draw, together with all those who donated in any way whatsoever to the cause.

Another one straight down the middle.Another one straight down the middle.

Following the draw for the 50/50 prizes the final total for the day was revealed as 116,000 baht which included a very generous payback from the main draw winner, Neil Sandilands, of 20,000 baht.

The total raised for the Baan Jing Jai New Home Appeal was made up as follows:

Golfing activities of the day 17,500 baht

50/50 Draw 49,700 baht

Donations 28,800 baht

Special Donation 20,000 baht

Total: 116,000 baht

Whilst not wishing to exclude and also not mentioning any individual, many who gave very generously either through the 50/50 draw or directly into the fund with donation, it is right to give credit to those commercial sponsors who helped to make this such a successful day, these were; Khao Kheow Country Club, The Pattaya Mail, The Links Golf Bar, The Fairways Driving Range, CJUK Cider, John & Jeff from The St Andrews Golf Centre, The Pattaya Sports Supply and The Haven Hotel.

Division 1

1st Bob Lamond, Stuart Thompson, Phil Knight, Orawan Meeraka (6.1) net 57.9

2nd Shane Ruddle, Jon Lay, Richard Hurley, Richard Line (3.4) net 58.6

3rd Russell Exley, Chris Voller, Mikael andersson, Jeremy Masse (3.8) net 60.2

Division 2

1st Jimmy Little, Martin Bilsborrow, Peter White, Dan Dorothy (11.3) net 56.7

2nd Matt Millar, Rich Wibrow, Chris Harkins, Neil Sandilands (13.5) net 61.5

3rd Yasuo Suzuki, Shuichi Kodaka, John Squitiero, Rod Howett (8.3) net 62.7

Technical Prizes (by hole):

B1 Jon Lay, B2 Richard Hurley, B3 Richard Line, B4 Haruyuki Kato, B5 Shuichi Kodaka, B6 Bob Lamond, B7 Trevor Schirmer, B8 Peter White, B9 Richard Hurley, C1 Stuart Thompson , C2 Al Keith, C3 Shane Ruddle, C4 Masaki Suguya, C5 Richard Line, C6 Mikael Andersson, C7 Richard Hurley, C8 Haruyuki Kato, C9 Jon Lay

50/50 Draw Winners:

1st Neil Sandilands, 2nd Jon Lay, 3rd Bobby Shirkey

A lofted approach into the green.A lofted approach into the green.

Putting for birdie on Khao Kheow’s undulating greens.Putting for birdie on Khao Kheow’s undulating greens.