Captain sails away with 47 points at Phoenix, Pattaya


PSC Billabong Golf
Monday, 28th June
Phoenix Gold Golf Club

Phoenix Gold for the Billabong Monday outing on a beautiful day for golf. With just three groups playing we got away a little later the our normal time as the course was very busy, but playing the Ocean loop first was a very fast nine holes, taking less than an hour and a half. It was slightly different on the Mountain loop, which took the usual 2 hours to play but nobody cared.

The course was in great condition and very conducive to playing good golf. With some fast greens and dry fairways, you always had a good lie.

Sometimes everything just falls into place and it’s your turn to have a day in the sun. It was Captain Cripple’s day Monday, with every putt falling in and all tee shots going where they were meant. I might add it’s taken 14 years for him to post a score like this one which actually streeted the field.

We will start with 3rd place which went to Gerard Lambert with a fine 36 points. 2nd place went to Barry Lewis with 38 points, and the top spot was taken by the Captain with 47 points and that included a blob and 1 one pointer. There were no twos recorded.