Butler blitz at Green Valley


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, December 6, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

Unusual for the Outback to be at Pattaya Country Club on a Monday, but due to the holiday today (The King’s Birthday), Khao Kheow was expected to be busy as well as substantially more expensive, so we decided to give it a rest.

All 36 players were away on schedule to play in what was a surprisingly good paced round in pleasant enough weather conditions, but the course is becoming increasingly harder to play as the greens get quicker and quicker and the fairways harder and harder.

From the left: Murray Hart, Sugar Ray Handford, Dennis Pelly and Joe Mooneyham, all podium placers on Friday at Green Valley. From the left: Murray Hart, Sugar Ray Handford, Dennis Pelly and Joe Mooneyham, all podium placers on Friday at Green Valley.

John Cunningham has taken to playing here of late and even off his handicap of 5, he managed to produce the best round of the day, 39 points, to win Div A from the runner-up, Dennis Pelly, some seven shots back on 32.

John Locke shot the second highest score of the day (38pts) and with it won Div B by one from Ken Smith and Div C went to Ivan Plunkett on 36.

There were four ‘2’s from John Cunningham (hole 5), Ken Smith (hole 12) and Ian Heddle & Ivan Plunkett (hole 16).

Div A (0-11)

1st John Cunningham (5/Hi6.5) 39pts

2nd Dennis Pelly (9/Hi10.8) 32pts

3rd Doug Hollingworth (8/Hi10) 31pts

4th Owen Walkley (8./Hi9.6) 31pts

Div B (12-17)

1st John Locke (13/Hi14.5) 38pts

2nd Ken Smith (15/Hi16.2) 37pts

3rd Sel Wegner (12/Hi13.7) 35pts

4th Sugar Ray Handford (17/Hi18) 35pts

Div C (18+)

1st Ivan Plunkett (21/Hi22.2) 36pts

2nd Geoff Moodie (25/Hi25.6) 35pts

3rd Mick Wilks (25/Hi25.9) 33pts

4th Jon Kittilsen (18/Hi18.7) 33pts

Tuesday, Dec. 6, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

Coming here two days in a row is probably overdoing it a bit, but nevertheless there was still a good a good turnout of 20.

The fact that there were no ‘2’s today underlines the difficulty of these greens which need to be slowed up a bit before they become totally unplayable.  Watering the rough is a new idea which will hardly catch on but when the sprinkler heads are positioned in such a way that they can’t reach the fairways, it’s the best we’re going to get!

The last grizzle would have to be about the standard of raking the bunkers which seems to have taken a turn for the worse, particularly on the back nine where the sand has been raked up the slopes out of the bunkers to form a nice little sandy ridge on the adjacent grass.

Anyhow, none of the above got in the way of Orn, our Div A winner with 36 points, who beat a resurgent Dave Earthrowl on 35; with two low markers, Lloyd & Raji, three further back.

Doug Chalkley scored the best of the day, 39 points, to top Div B from John White who heads the early running in the new DeVere December Eclectic.  Nigel Cannon was in third on the same score as John, beaten only on count back.

Div A (0-19)

1st Orn Kanasaengsri (15/Hi14.7) 36pts

2nd David Earthrowl (19/Hi20.5) 35pts

3rd Lloyd Shuttleworth (4/Hi5.9) 32pts

4th Amarjit Banwaitt (5/Hi6.6) 32pts

Div B (20+)

1st Doug Chalkley (22/Hi22.5) 39pts

2nd John White (27/Hi27.2) 35pts

3rd Nigel Cannon (21/Hi22.4) 35pts

4th Paul Smets (20/Hi21.2) 33pts

Wednesday, Dec. 7, Burapha – Stableford

Driving into the car park here, it would be hard to believe it was the high season, as there were many spaces and not a coach or bus to be seen.  Capt’ Bob had the pleasure in being in one of the first groups out as he handed the controls to the capable hands of Steve Mann, and when our allotted tee time of 10am was reached, the last group was just about to hit off.

Hard to pick too many things wrong with the course (C & D) but if there was something to moan about it would have to be the reluctance of the caddies to rake the bunkers, which as far as our four-ball was concerned, were mostly raked by Steve Mann.  Looking for a ball was also best done from the safe confines of a golf cart, why get out to look?

Only sensible scoring for the top boys, as Owen headed Div A with the day’s best 36 points, followed in by Steve (35) and Sel & Paulie both on 34.

Div B, not quite so good, was won by Svenn Lund on count back from his playing partner, Jon Kittilsen both on 35, with Nev Steward grabbing third on 32.

For the record there were 25 players and only one ‘2’ from Svenn Lund on hole 17.

Div A (0-14)

1st Owen Walkley (10/Hi9.7) 36pts

2nd Steve Mann (10/Hi10.3) 35pts

3rd Sel Wegner (14/Hi13.7) 34pts

4th Paulie O’Mahoney (9/Hi8.9) 34pts

Div B (15+)

1st Svenn Lund (15/Hi14.2) 35pts

2nd Jon Kittilsen (19/Hi18.7) 35pts

3rd Nev Steward (23/Hi21.8) 32pts

4th Greg Hill (19/Hi18.2) 31pts

Friday, Dec. 9, Green Valley – Stableford

Away ahead of the scheduled tee time, the 30 Outbackers enjoyed a pleasantly paced round of golf, even though they were following a regular walking Korean lady four-ball, who predictably stopped for a quick bite at the 12th allowing only our first group through.

The weather was cool and overcast and one would have thought the scoring would have been excellent but with the exception of one player, Jack Butler, who absolutely trounced the course with 42 points, the rest of it was only ordinary, as the next best score was 35!  That came from Mr. Consistent, Dennis Pelly to win Div A from Steve Mann in second with 32.

In Div B after Jack Butker’s great score, came a surprised Joe Mooneyham with 32, beating two others on count back, Murray Hart and Neil Lavery.

Then we come down to Div C, and these boys must have found it really tough, as the best they could muster was 33 points from Jon Kittilsen, with Sugar in second with just 28 and a count back for third between four all with only 27 points!

Finally, welcome back to James Sheffield who is having another go for his Asian Tour card next month in Hua Hin, so good luck to him from all of us here at the Outback.

Surprisingly, there were no ‘2’s; the greens were a little bumpy, maybe that contributed their absence.

Div A (+2-11)

1st Dennis Pelly (10/Hi10.9) 35pts

2nd Steve Mann (9/Hi10.3) 32pts

3rd Paul Greenaway (9/Hi10.1) 30pts

4th Ron Dickie (5/Hi5.8) 29pts

Div B (12-15)

1st Jack Butler (13/Hi13.1) 42pts

2nd Joe Mooneyham (15/Hi14.9) 32pts

3rd Murray Hart (12/Hi12.5) 32pts

4th Neil Lavery (12/Hi12.5) 32pts

Div C (16+)

1st Jon Kittilsen (19/Hi18.7) 33pts

2nd Sugar Ray Handford (18) 28pts

3rd Greg Hill (18/Hi18.3) 27pts

4th Suzi Lawton (17/Hi19.1) 27pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit. Just call in and put your name down on the list or give Bob a call on 087 941 2474.