Bryans pair up to win birthday bash scramble


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, December 5, Eastern Star – Stableford

A public holiday today and there were 15 members away and not playing, so the field was down to nine groups only.  The cut in the 3 men’s divisions was 5-15, 16-19 and 20+ and 36 points was the best score of the day for the organiser to win division 3.  Marty Aronson took second one point behind and the Cockney boy, Rod Howett was third with 32.

It was a warm welcome back to Martin Grimoldby, still playing off 5, who won the first division with 20 points on the back nine and a total of 35.  Pete Sumner and Kari Kuparinen both came in with 34 points each but with an 18/16 back nine count back Pete was smiling most at the presentation.

The top three pairings from the Eastern Star scramble: Bryan Rought, Bryan Priestley, Brian and Ning Neal, Paul Smith and Kari Kuparinen. The top three pairings from the Eastern Star scramble: Bryan Rought, Bryan Priestley, Brian and Ning Neal, Paul Smith and Kari Kuparinen.

Charlie Cox meanwhile topped division 2 with 34 points, Mike Lewis was second two points behind and Andy Baber beat Frank Kelly on the back nine (16/15) after they both returned scores of 31.

Near pins went to Martin Grimoldby, Mike Missler, Alan Pilkington, Pete Sumner, Andy Galvin, Frank Kelly and Jim Lane.

Pete Sumner was the only one to convert his near pin into a birdie ‘2’ to take the pot in Div. 1 while a rollover ensued in the second flight.

Friday, December 9, Eastern Star – 2- Person Scramble

Today was a 60th birthday bash for a certain person, no names mentioned as too embarrassed, and there were 86 out, 43 teams in a two-person scramble here at Eastern Star.

A 40% combined handicap was the allowance for this stableford competition but you were only allowed 2 shots higher than the lowest handicap.  Each team of two also had to select 7 drives each and mark the card.

It was a very overcast day as we arrived here and as the first two teams got off at 8.30 the conditions remained constant with a very cool but slight breeze, fantastic conditions for golf.

There were 4 divisions for individual nearest the pin prizes on all par threes irrespective of which ball you chose.  The cut was 2-15, 16-20 and 21+ and of course the ladies.

The results of the competition were as follows:

1st Bryan Rought & Bryan Priestley 48pts

2nd Bryan & Ning Neal 48pts

3rd Paul Smith & Kari Kuparinen 45pts

4th Tony & Wendy Chetland 45pts

5th Noi Emmerson & Frank Kelly 45pts

6th Brian Blackford & Les Smith 44pts

7th Pete Sumner & Keith Wooley 44pts

8th Paul Chabot and Dennis Scougal 44pts

Near Pins:  Miss Chevrolet, Srithong Tann (2), Alan Griffiths, Rodney N, Paul Smith, Keith Wooley, Brian Blackford, Colin James, Bryan Rought, Les Smith and Tony Holehouse.

2’s:  Brian Blackford & Les Smith; Tony Cowe & Malcolm Saunders; Alan Griffiths & Alan Pilkington (2); Toi & Darryl Blair; Pete Sumner & Keith Wooley.

The worst score of the day was 30 points, no names mentioned, but well done Dazza Smyth and John Williams.

It was congratulations all round to the two Bryans, and there was a golf ball draw for all non winners in the top eight placings.  There was live music and food for all at Siam Cats, so a big thank-you to Jules’s Restaurant in View Talay 1 for supplying the food and Faa and Olaf the music at Cats.  A great day was had by all – many thanks to all who attended and also many thanks for the birthday presents.