Buckingham blitz at Pleasant Valley


PSC golf from The Cafe Kronborg

Monday, Nov. 8, Pleasant Valley –Stableford

Twenty seven golfers assembled at the Cafe Kronborg minus four guns who headed to Amata Springs golf course to check out the four man skins game which included Eldrick Woods.  We welcomed John Herr and Ed Wright from America, Andre Baril and Jean Provest from France and Martin Phillips from the UK.

The leading group completed their round in the good time of four hours and fifteen minutes.  The weather was fine with only a light breeze and the course in good condition.

Thursday’s flight winners: Noel Pittard, Ken Bernek and Dave Richardson.Thursday’s flight winners: Noel Pittard, Ken Bernek and Dave Richardson.

In the A flight Elias Magnusson scored forty one points to win easily ahead of Brian Gabe in second on thirty eight.  Jeff Warner, also on thirty eight points, was relegated to third spot and the consistent Tom Thompson handed in thirty six points to finish fourth.

Despite the tyranny of lack of distance from the tees and the added responsibilities as custodian of PSC funds, Graham Buckingham eclipsed the B Flight with a magnificent forty two points to edge out Svende Gaarde by one.  Patrice Bardy with forty points finished third after holding off the fast finishing Danish dynamo Jan Lovgreen on the same score.

A Flight (0-17)

1st Elias Magnusson (17) 41pts

2nd Brian Gabe (17) 38pts

3rd Jeff Warner (15) 38pts

4th Tom Thompson (13) 36pts

B Flight (18+)

1st Graham Buckingham (24) 42pts

2nd Svende Gaarde (24) 41pts

3rd Patrice Bardy (18) 40pts

4thJan Lovgreen (22) 40pts

Jeff Warner’s flat stick was working ok as he won the long putts on both the 9th and 18th holes.  Near pins went to Brian Gabe on the 5th,  Svende Gaarde on the 8th, Patrice Bardy on the 13th and Mike Winfield on the 17th.

Pattaya has been described as God’s Waiting Room which is probably a fair comment as the majority of the falang population are of the creaky crutch variety.  The scribe is amongst this august group of residents and as a result “old timer’s condition “kicks in at the most inopportune moments.  One such moment occurred last week at Bjarne’s Birthday Scramble where it was remiss of me not to mention that the PSC kindly donated shirts and golf balls for our lucky draws and we thank them for their generosity.

Thursday, Nov. 11, Khao Kheow –Stableford

Thirty-three golfers gathered in Soi Diana for the day’s activities.  Playing the B and C nines the first group teed off at 0920 hours, forty minutes earlier than scheduled and completed the journey in the very good time of four hours and five minutes.

Hole in One hero Jean Claude Coulon, left, celebrates with The Admiral.Hole in One hero Jean Claude Coulon, left, celebrates with The Admiral.

The weather was overcast and mild whilst the course was in good condition and the greens putted truly.

We welcomed Ole Jensen, Bjarne Kjar and Stenn Feone from Denmark, Tony Patch and Joel Pittard from Australia and Uwe Zuckermann from Germany.

The highlight of the day was Jean Claude Coulon reducing Alcatraz the 8th hole on the B nine to one blow using a wedge.  Congratulations Jean Claude and we are still awaiting our freebie drinks.

Mention must be made of the group of Stu Rifkin, Paul Avery, Ken Bernek and Mike Gosden who were sighted on the B nine 6th tee at 1100 hours, shoulder to shoulder, caps in hand and heads bowed, whilst observing one minutes silence in honour of the servicemen and women whose dedication to duty has given us the opportunity to enjoy the freedom we so dearly cherish.

In the A Flight Noel Pittard posted an impressive forty points to easily win from Mike Gosden in second place on thirty seven points.  Owen Walkley finished third on thirty six points relegating Tony Patch with the same score into fourth place.

In the B Flight Ken Bernek compiled thirty seven points to finish first with Uwe Zuckermann in second place on thirty five points.  Patrice Bardy scored thirty four points to finish third which was applauded quite generously as he relegated Mike Winfield, who has never used a word that has sent this scribe to a lexicon, into fourth spot on thirty three points.

In the C Flight The Admiral Dave Richardson scorched around the track to hand in a blistering forty one points to take first place.  In second place was the ace, Jean Claude Coulon with forty points whilst Joe Vanderwegon, who shot thirty nine points, finished third and the Danish dynamo Jan Lovgreen was fourth.

A Flight (0–15)

1st Noel Pittard (7) 40pts

2nd Mike Gosden (10) 37pts

3rd Owen Walkley (13) 36pts

4th Tony Patch (5) 36pts

B Flight (16-21)

1st Ken Bernek (17) 37pts

2nd Uwe Zuckermann (21) 35pts

3rd Patrice Bardy (18) 34pts

4th Mike Winfield (20) 33pts

C Flight (22-up)

1st Dave Richardson (24) 41pts

2nd Jean Claude Coulon (31) 40pts

3rd Joe Vanderwegon (23) 39pts

4th Jan Lovgreen (22) 37pts

Nearest the pins went to Noel Pittard B3, Jean Claude Coulon B8 (hole in one), Ken Bernek C3 and Tony Patch C8.  Long putts were won by Bjarne Kjar on B9 and Chop Daprakhon on C9.

The Coveted Compass Cap was won by Stu Rifkin who lamented the fact that his putter was colder than Hotfoot’s nose, the winning lead dog in the 1973 Iditarod Great Sled Race.  Stu also had a Heinz day off the tee with his driver, fifty seven varieties.

Deefa the Dog, who was back in business after a layoff, was as toey as a Roman sandal to resume his charity donation drive and dutifully did so.  Thanks to all those who donated in the spirit of humanity.