‘Broken Wing’ soars at Emerald


Yet again another quiet week at Emerald Golf Course so with 10 players, of which 9 were in all competitions, we got away on time and proceeded to get around in under four hours, which seems to be the norm now on a Friday.

As the headline says, ‘Broken Wing’ produced a stunning round of golf and came in first place with a massive 44 points.  You have to feel a bit sorry for Dan M. who came in with his best round ever but only came in second place with a score of 40!  Needless to say JJ will be paying special attention to see how many strokes he can cut off the handicaps from aforementioned Backyard boys.

Friday’s winner ‘Broken Wing’ (center) outside Senorita’s Bar. Friday’s winner ‘Broken Wing’ (center) outside Senorita’s Bar.

Andy Oz seems to own the nearest the pin prize as he won yet again and the skins results were as follows: Broken Wing (7), Dan M. (4), Andy Oz (3), Neville (2), and JJ (2) as well.

Finally, we welcomed back Terry C. this week after an absence of a couple of months and we wish Bob G. all the best for his trip back to the UK and hope to see him in July