Bob and George top dogs


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Dec. 16, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Pierre Bietry (13) 41pts

2nd Dave Shelton (8) 41pts

3rd J-P Gasser (11) 40pts

B Flight

1st Jerry McCarthy (15) 41pts

2nd Jim Bell (15) 37pts

3rd Claude Harder (16) 37pts

Near Pins:  No 4 Eddy Beilby, No 9 Thomas Haering, No 12 Bob Watson, No 16 Bob Newell

Hey where’s the old title boy today?  Well before the field could get to smug about keeping Mr. Kevin ‘you know who’ off the podium, it was pointed out that he was last seen leaving Pattaya for the airport in a Securicor van soon after he shot the best gross in the PSC Friday comp.  Apparently he had hell of a time explaining to immigration how it was that he was tacking more loot out of the country that he brought in.

Bob Watson (left) and George Jackson. Bob Watson (left) and George Jackson.

This left Pierre’ the magician’ Bietry and Dave Shelton (A Flight) plus Co. Kilkeny man Jerry McCarthy (B Flight) as co-men of the match with 41 points.

The laurels in the premier flight went to Pierre as he edged Dave Shelton; J-P Gasser also needed a 40 point return to take the flight bronze.

Bob Watson and ‘broad more’ Bob both returned solid 39 points (but more on that later).

Jerry ‘the Irish rover’ showed he was riding a purple patch as had his own B Flight winning 41 points.  Jerry was four clear of a triumvirate of Jim ‘AK47’ Bell, Claude ‘try a bit’ Harder and William Peach all log aimed on 37 points and in that order.

‘Broad more’ and ‘the Principal’ challenged playing partners Bob Watson and this scribe as to who picked up the bar tab.  ‘Broad more’ was full of himself after his team won the front nine by one hole.  That changed to silence as Aussi Bob Watson fired five birdies on the trot, but to be fair it was only count back that separated us at the end.  That left the scribe to better ‘the Principal’s’ nine no scoring holes to his five.  One could say that George and Jez certainly got their two Bob’s worth.  Rather like old times, especially the scoring.  Thanks Jez!

Bob Watson picked up a 2 along with Pierre Bietry, William Peach and Alan Thomas.

Monday, Dec. 17, Crystal Bay C&B – Stableford

A Flight

1st Francis Goyons (9) 41pts

2nd Pat Hanafin (13) 39pts

B Flight

1st Keith McLachan (22) 41pts

2nd Odd-Holm Hansen (22) 35pts

Francis Goyons and Aussie ace Keith McLachlan were the top performers in A&B Flights respectively, both with 41 points apiece.  Francis was followed closely by the duo of Irishmen Pat Hanafin and J-P Maffray, both on solid 39 points.  Pat had the best of the maths to fill the senior flight leaving J-P to sit and watch the presentation from his favourite bar stool.

In B Flight Keith put a six shot gap on Odd-Holm Hansen as he took the silver.

Both flight winners carded 2’s along with Peter Kelly.

Wednesday, Dec. 19, Khao Kheow – Stableford

A Flight

1st Dave Shelton (8) 41pts

2nd Patrick Kelly (+3) 39pts

3rd Pat Reagan (12) 36pts

B Flight

1st Eddy Beilby (18) 40pts

2nd Reg McKay (15) 37pts

3rd Norman Cheetham (15) 34pts

C Flight

1st Marlene Prudden (23) 42pts

2nd Keith McLachlan (22) 34pts

3rd Geoff Kubas (23) 33pts

No one questions that Khao Kheow plays tough from the white or the blue tees so it was a surprise to see that A-B- and C Flights needed 40 or more points to win.  Dave Shelton led the testosterone A Flight to better Sunday’s second place finish with a very creditable 41 points; just edging Irishman Patrick Kelly’s faultless 39 points (off the blue tees).  Fellow Irishman young Pat Regan rounded out the flight with a solid even par round.

Eddy ‘the Eagle’ Beilby was perched on the top of B Flight as he posted a rock solid 40 points.  Eddy’s fine effort was three strokes clear of Scotland’s Buckie boy Reg McKay.  Norman ‘I never’ Cheetham continued his fine play and won a count back over the inform Jerry ‘the Irish rover’ McCarthy.

Now to C Flight, Marlene the better half of the Prudden family, was the toast of the bar with her flight winning score and the day’s lady of the match as she danced into the forties with a blistering 42 points and in so doing waltzed away with the top allowance in her flight.  Aussie ace Keith McLachlan, no stranger to the pay window, took the silver a distant 8 shots back, as Geoff ‘Elvis’ Kubas hit the right notes to fill the flight.

Dave Shelton (a brace) plus five others shared the 2’s pot.

Friday, Dec. 21, Treasure Hills – Stableford

A Flight

1st Nick Odnoral (16) 34pts

2nd Colin Davis (16) 33pts

3rd Lindsay Semple (15) 33pts

B Flight

1st Jorn Finnerup (28) 33pts

22d Peter Henshaw (19) 33pts

3rd Jan-Roger Ulricksen (18) 32pts

What a difference a course makes!  And some distance (6,726 yards) and some dryness.  The same guys and gals and their same sacks of clubs, who have all week shot 40 or more points to win a flight took on the sometime diabolical design of Yoshikazu Kato.  I should stop the article right here and now but we never do that.  Actually the man of the match and A Flight, Nick Odnoral, came within a couple of his handicap 34 points.  Colin ‘the Donkey’, who met his wife Sim in her caddying days there as most of her family are caddies there, enjoyed the family reunion as he gained a count back verdict over Aussie Lindsay Semple.

The action in B Flight was just as dramatic as Jorn Finnerup did the unthinkable as he relegated Peter ‘Don O’corleone’ Henshaw to the silver by virtue of another count back decision as both were knotted on 33 points.  Jan-Roger Ulricksen closed the flight one stroke back.

Jan ‘the quite one’ Erikssen made a lot of noise as he rattled the 2’s pot alone.

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