Return of the ‘Welsh Wizard’


Travellers Rest Golf Group

When I informed you last week that the ‘Welsh Wizard’ Alun Webber was back in town and it was only a matter of time before he finished back at the top of the leader board, I didn’t really expect that at the first outing this week he would start working his magic and finish in the prize money, taking fourth place with a measly 27pts in Division 2.  I think it was during the last blue moon that 27pts was enough to win some prize money and he followed that by walking off with first place in the competition at Phoenix on Thursday by conjuring up 41pts.  Magic indeed!

So on Monday 17th December the TRGG attracted another large turnout and headed off to play Pattana (B and C courses), a tricky course with not a flat green to be seen anywhere.  Such was the size of the turnout it required two divisions (Div 1 was up to 11 handicap and Div 2 was 12 handicap and above).

Neil Bramley - winner at Pattana and Mountain Shadow. Neil Bramley – winner at Pattana and Mountain Shadow.

You will probably already have gathered that scoring well on this course is a stern test if the aforementioned 27pts was good enough to take fourth place.  However the Division 1 golfers passed the exam with honours.  Tristan Gilbert (11) took first place with 37pts; this was despite putting his opening tee shot in the water.  Alan Thomas (5) came second with 36pts and Ian Bell (6) strode into third place with 34.

Division 2 was headed by Norman Cheetham (15) who shot 32pts followed by Barry Oats (25) and Robert Cannon (20) who both returned with 30pts, with Barry winning on count back.

However there was a top prize for the overall winner of the day and that went to Neil Bramley (9) who left everybody else in his wake shooting 39pts.  Neil has been suffering from a shoulder injury for some time and it is good to see he has now shaken it off, the injury that is, not his shoulder.

Tuesday 18th December was the turn of Khao Kheow (C and B courses) for the TRGG stalwarts.  It was a smaller turnout and back to one division on the day.

Roger Verivillel (12) took advantage of having fewer opponents to beat by taking first place on 37pts.  Norman Cheetham (15) made the winners’ podium two days in a row, this time finishing second but shooting the same score of 32pts and Noel Pittard (7) dropped into third place also with 32pts, losing out on count back to Norman.

As previously mentioned, Thursday 20th December at Phoenix (Lake and Ocean courses) Alun Webber worked his magic but only as winner of Division 2.  Because of another mega turnout there were two divisions (Div. 1 up to 14 handicap and Div. 2 for 15 handicap and up).

Alan Thomas (5) took his second prize of the week, finishing on top of the pile with 36pts.  Paul Sharples (10) was second on 35, this time beating Norman Cheetham into third also on 35pts but losing out on count back.

Division 2 was the Alun Webber (21) show, winner by a country mile on 41pts.  Lars Strom (23) finished as the sideshow in second on 36 and Alan Evans (24) finished as the last show in third on 32.  Mr Webber must now get used to playing off a handicap of nineteen as he has magically been cut.

‘Welsh Wizard’ Alun Webber - winner at Phoenix. ‘Welsh Wizard’ Alun Webber – winner at Phoenix.

On Friday 21st December, the day the world was due to end according to the Mayan calendar, the TRGG called their bluff and headed off to Mountain Shadow to play golf.  Neil Bramley (9) for the second time this week played out of this world, so he didn’t care if the world ended or not, and returned with 39pts which was much too good for Ian Bell (6) in second on 35 and Barry Wood (10) in third on 33.

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week and a very Happy Christmas to one and all and may your handicaps grow ever smaller for the New Year.