Biker Grove explores Darkside of Pattaya

Stopped for a coffee at View Ang.

Due to the increased roadworks on the Sukhumvit, the Biker Grove Club agreed it would be a good idea to explore more bicycle routes, with less traffic on the other side of the Sukhumvit, known as the Darkside.

Mike had mapped out a route on his phone, and together with Martin led the group to a Lake Huay, in Chak Nok.

Relaxing before we head back to the Richmond Soi Welcome.

There was also a great coffee shop called View Ang that we could visit off the lake.

It was a great ride. Flat, quiet and no traffic, perfect.

We had a good group of people from all different countries, including Thailand, Cambodia, USA, Australia  and UK.

We cycle Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Meet 9am Richmond on Soi Welcome.

Come join us and have some fun.

Come and have a fun cycle and make some new friends with Biker Grove. We cycle for fun.