Basra bandits strike again

Nu, Porn and Lynn.
Nu, Porn and Lynn.

PSC Golf from The Billabong Bar

Monday, June 3, Phoenix Gold – Stableford

Phoenix was in great condition although the greens on the Lake loop were a little slow, but Ocean made up for it. There was just a small group again today but it was an enjoyable round apart from being a little hot in some parts of the course.

The scoring was very good with Lloyd Shuttleworth taking third with 38 points, that’s 75 gross! Second place went to Gentleman George Barrie on 40 points but the day belonged to A J Breazly with a 77 off the stick and 42 points from his 11-handicap. We are of the opinion that there is a 27-hole championship golf course somewhere on the out skirts of Basra in Iraq as both George and Lloyd took the rest of us to the cleaners after supposedly not having seen a golf club for 6 weeks.

Wednesday, June 5, Green Valley – Stableford

The first 9 holes were sunny and hot but we could see a storm developing in the distance which, unfortunately, was moving towards Green Valley. We were, seemingly, surrounded by continuous thunder and the darkest clouds you can imagine, which only served as a backdrop for the lightening to shine brighter. The storm just slipped past us on its way to Laem Chabang, where some Billabong members were playing, and the cancellation of play after 9 holes. Thankfully, the rain decided to stay away from us until our last group played the 18th hole.

Despite concerns about the weather, the scoring was very good with Miss Nu (H/cap 15) continuing her brilliant form and coming out on top of the ladies’ competition with 40 points, having 8 pars and only one double bogey. Miss Lynn (10) also had a good day with 7 pars and 2 birdies for her 37 points and 2nd place, closely followed by Miss Porn (22) who would have had a better score but for four 1-pointers in her round for her 3rd place.

Tony Oakes (13) and his partner, Jeff North (10) accepted a challenge from Selwyn Wegner and William Macey on the 1st tee, bemoaning his recent form but despite his 39 points, which included 1 blob and only 3 pars on the back nine, earned him 1st place but could not establish, for him, a win over Selwyn and William. Keith Allen (13) lost his partners by the 18th due to the possibility of bad weather, but his 2nd place finish was down to 21 points on the way out with at least 2 points on every hole, but 5 holes with only 1 point on the back nine was the reason for his 2nd place and 38 points. Selwyn Wegner (16) came 3rd with 37 points but a blob on the par three 16th put paid to higher ambitions.

Lloyd Shuttleworth (5) had a game of two halves, 14 on the front but 21 on the back which included 6 pars and 2 birdies, mainly on the back nine,  which did not include a birdie on a par three but, there again, nor did anyone else that played today.

Friday, June 7, Burpha – Stableford

Friday was a wet day at Burapha with black clouds all around us. We teed off a little early on a very busy A and B course and after 4 holes it was to the drinks stop everyone was heading for, but the rain only lasted for 30 minutes and out we went again. The rain came back on the ninth hole and that was it for the day – thunder and lightning were hammering the course and play was abandoned so the competition was changed to a nine-hole day out.

Considering the conditions that we played in the scoring wasn’t too bad. There was a five-way countback for 3rd place all on 16 points and Paul Greenaway got the nod for that place. There was also a countback with 2 players on 18 points and here Gary Ritchie filled 2nd spot and Andrew Woodall took the top prize. There were no 2s.