An American Quinella at Phoenix Pattaya

Dave Foster enjoys his win.

PSC Links Golf Society
Wednesday, July 21
Phoenix Gold Golf Course M+O

It’s yet another lockdown so this was our last game for, hopefully, about two weeks and no more. We wait and see. Ironically, Phoenix Gold was the last course we played before the original lockdown last year, March 2020. No, it’s not an omen.

The reports we had on the condition of the course were not exaggerated at all, as we found every part of the course in excellent condition. The fairways were cut nicely and recently and, on the Ocean course, mowing was happening almost as we played.

The greens are in great shape. Small areas of sand on some did not distract the roll or the speed of the ball at all. One player noted that even the first cut of rough was trimmed and very fair. With a course in such good order, we would expect some good scoring, and we got it.

Dave Foster has recently started playing with us at Links Golf and had already had a place on the podium. This day he noted that it was his best score, ever. Dave has had a terrific 40 points for his first win with Links, and pretty happy with that.

His travel buddy, and fellow American, Bobby Jeffords Jr. had a placing last week at Green Valley. He has won a three way countback on 38 points to take second spot.

Another relative newcomer to us is Alan Penny who got rained off at Khao Kheow last week, but stayed the distance today, only to lose that countback to Bobby, but third place is a good result.

The ever reliable George Mueller has again scored well with 38 points to lose all the countbacks and grab fourth spot.

As we had seventeen players come out for this round, we went to a fifth place and that was taken by Serge Straeten, who scored with a solid 37 points.

Winners at Phoenix Gold
1st Place – Dave Foster (15) – 40 pts
2nd Place – Bobby Jeffords Jr. (15) – 38 pts c/back
3rd Place – Alan Penny (13) – 38 pts c/back
4th Place – George Mueller (14) – 38 pts
5th Place – Serge Straeten (25) – 37 pts
Best Front Nine (non winners) – Stan Stewart – 18 pts c/back
Best Back Nine (non winners) – Craig Boyd – 20 pts

As it was a couple of days ago, the weather was just about as good as it gets, with plenty of cloud, although not rain clouds, some blue sky peeking through, and a steady breeze all day.

Due to the fact that Links Bar, along with every other bar, is closed, we did presentations at the golf course. No-one thought to bring along the Green Jacket, but we got a photo of Dave enjoying his win.

All golf courses in Chonburi are now closed. Royal Lakeside will close on Friday 23. At the time of writing, Rayong courses are still open, but that could change quickly.

Oh dear, sigh!

Note to Links Golfers: Watch on Facebook or Links website for info on when we can return.